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How to sync your Samsung SGH D900i mobile phone to Macintosh OSX

I just got a Samsung SGH D900i mobile phone but it doesn’t sync address book contacts across bluetooth or USB. I modified the isync plugin and now it’s working!


I just got a Samsung SGH D900i mobile phone but it doesn’t sync address book contacts across bluetooth or USB with isync becasue isync only syncs with the D900.

I modified the isync plugin and now it’s working!
Here’s how to get it going… and after some comments I also added a version for the samsung G600 mobile phone.
There’s also a version for Optus Bird phones here.

  1. Download this file and unzip it, you should end up with a folder called Samsung-D900.phoneplugin.
  2. Go to applications, isync and right click or control click and go to ‘show package contents’
  3. Open the isync Contents folder, then Plugins, then ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice, then Contents, then Plugins.
  4. Drag my Samsung-D900.phoneplugin file into that folder, next to all the other phone plugin files. it will ask if you want to overwrite the existing folder, say Overwrite.
  5. Make sure bluetooth is turned on on your phone (applications bluetooth) , and on your computer (preferences/bluetooth). Choose add new bluetooth device under the bluetooth preference pane on your macintosh and add your phone. Open isync and it should now sync with your new D900i.

Note: if you want to mount your  D900i as a USB drive that is a separate issue, look here.

If you find this helpful please consider a link to this site! Thanks.

Some people have asked for a G600 version. No idea if this will work but you could try this one: It’s just the D 900i with the name changed. Same instructions as above but I’d delete the D900 plugin as it may clash with his one. Let me know if it works!

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thank you very much to share that. I didn’t know the difference between d900 and d900i, and was so desapointed before reading your message! I had chhosen this phone because Ithought it was isync suppoted and for its low specific absorption rate.

This sounds great. Any ideas how to do similar magic for my Samsung SGH-D807??????? I thought they would fix it in Leopard but NO… so sad.

Hi again. I left a response on 14 June, thanking you for the plugin. It has worked as a charm since. I upgraded to Leopard yesterday and it stopped working. I tried downloading the plugin again and placing it in the iSync folder and it worked again. Seems that Leopard overwrites the iSync plugins.

It’s working again. Just wanted to let people know, as it’s easy to think that the plugin has stopped working, when it hasn’t.


How would i go about putting files such as pictures and mp3s onto my d900i? I can only do it on a windows computer at the min, and it does my head in because everything i want to put on my ….u guessed it… on the mac. If it showed up as a drive all would be fine but it clearly doesn’t. Syncin is no help to me because i don’t need to add contacts or anything like that. Help greatly appreciated.

Where’d did you get this plugin? I’m looking at the Samsung G600, and I’d love to be able to mount/sync with my Mac. Are there other variants of this plugin, or did you just script it for yourself?

If you want to get the G600 or other samsung phone going, get ‘USB prober’ (comes with dev tools on all OSX installations) to find the model code for your phone.
Run USB prober.
Plug in the phone,
Hit the refresh button.
Look for the entry that has your phone
Find the line that says:
Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x05AC/0x0204 (Blah Blah phone company)
Email me the Device Vendor ID/Product ID. (eg 0x05AC/0x0204)
I’ll see what I can do.

I’m interested in having USB connection between my G600 and my Mac.
Here’s the one line you requested from USB Prober:

Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x09FC/0x0904 (unknown vendor)

I’ve saved the whole information, in case it matters, but I won’t post it here.

Anyway, I’ve got a question: why, in mass storage mode, does the phone act differently than a simple USB stick would ?
I understand that Samsung doesn’t want to spend time and money for developing a specific driver for Mac, but why doesn’it show up as a generic USB drive ? Who’s the culprit here, Samsung or Apple ?

Thanks for any information you can give me, and feel free to mail me if the whole USB Prober is useful to you.

Thank you.

The phone acts differently than a USB stick because you may be wanting to use the phone as a modem.

It would be much easier for apple to make drivers than Samsung. I think it’s Apple’s fault that we expect the Samsung phones to work with apple because apple have been advertising that macs are now ready to hook up to anything. Samsung have not been advertising that their phones work with apple!

I understand the phone has many more capabilities than a simple USB Key. What I don’t understand, I why it doesn’t act like an USB stick, WHEN IN MASS STORAGE MODE. In this mode other uses aren’t important. Maximizing compatibiliy should be (or should have been).
Anyway, I’m curious. What can you do with the Device VendorID/ProductID ? Is there a way to patch an existing driver so that it handles those devices ?

Thanks for your knowledge sharing.

That little Jing is trying to _sell_ a G600 plugin for 7 quit on his site. Pathatic to make advertizement on a page where the same thing for the D series is available for free.


My imac is telling me that i do not have the required authorization when i want to put the plugin in.

Can anybody help me please



See System Preferences/Accounts and see if the box entitled ‘Allow user to administer this computer’ is ticked. If not, tick it or log in as a user that has that box ticked.

I bought a Samsung D900i today and spent some hours trying to sync it with my iMac – failed. Then I found your site and hey presto! Thank you very much.

Norman MacPhee,

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