Mar 01

Here’s how to merge 2 PDF files in MacOS Ventura. You don’t need any extra software, it’s built right in to Preview as in previous versions of macOS.

Open the first PDF file in Preview

If you double click on any pdf file it should open in Preview automatically. It’s possible that you’ve installed Acrobat Reader and made it the default application instead. If this is the case, you’ll need to open Preview manually.

With the first PDF file open in Preview, click on the “View” menu and select “Thumbnails” to open the thumbnail view of the pages. This will enable you to see a small preview of each page on the left.

You can see the ‘Thumbnail view’ on the left.

Open the second PDF file

Open the second pdf file in a separate window. Make sure you can see the thumbnails of this pdf file also.

Merge the PDF files

To merge the PDF files, you need to drag the any thumbnails from the second PDF file onto the thumbnail view of the first PDF file.

Click on any thumbnail, and while you keep the mouse button pressed, drag the PDF over to the thumbnail view of the first window, then release the mouse button. The page from the second PDF file will be inserted into first PDF file.

If you need to merge more than two PDF files, you can drag multiple pages in.

Notice the green circle with a ‘+’ sign as you drag the new pdf page onto the thumbnail view.

Step 5: Save the merged PDF file

Once you have merged the PDF files, you need to save the file. Click on the “File” menu, and select “Save”

NOTE: This will save the merged PDF file into the original file.

If you want to save it as a new file, you can do so by selecting “Save As” instead of “Save” from the “File” Menu.

Nov 22

Merging pdf files in Big Sur is the easiest it’s ever been. You just need to be in thumbnail view and drag one pdf fiel into the other one, save, and they will merge.

  1. Double click any pdf file. (It will open on Preview)
  2. Select View Thumbnails in the sidebar.
  3. Drag any other pdf file into the sidebar and let it go there.
  4. Save the new pdf file.

Here’s how to do it with pictures.

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May 06

It’s very easy to merge 2 pdf documents or move single pdf pages from 1 pdf document into another with Big Sur. It’s built into the free Apple PDF reader called ‘Preview’. There are some small bugs in the interface, but it works. Here’s how to merge pdf documents in macOS Big Sur.

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Oct 20

In this document I write about how to edit a PDF file using the built-in OS X preview app. But sometimes you need to add your signature to a PDF document. Well here is some good news – you can also sign a document right from within the preview app. Thanks to Bryson who pointed this out to me!

1. Firstly click the pen symbol as if you were going to edit the PDF file.

2. Then click the ‘create signature’ button.

(You can already see three ‘signatures’ here!)

3. Sign using the track pad or camera.

If you select “trackpad” you will be able to use the trackpad on your MacBook to sign your signature and the app will record your signature and keep it in preview for signing future PDFs.

If you select “Camera” you just need to sign your signature on a piece of paper in panel pencil and then hold it up in front of your computer’s camera. Preview will automatically adjust your signature and scan it.

Now you can just select your signature and preview will insert it into the PDF document when you need it.

Your signature will automatically be stored in preview so that you can use it in the future, but if you want it deleted for security purposes you can simply click on the cross on the right-hand side of your signature and it will delete it.

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Apr 10

In OS X Apple have again changed the way that 2 pdf files merge in the free OSX Preview App. To Merge 2 pdf files in OS X Mojave you need to drag the thumbnails of one pdf file into the thumbnail view of the second pdf file. You can’t drag a pdf file directly from the desktop into the new thumbnail window or the files will not merge.

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Mar 03
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Feb 08

As I mentioned in this post Apple regularly change the way to merge a PDF document. Yet again it’s changed with High Sierra – for the better.  Now when you drag a pdf onto the thumbnail window of an existing pdf the two documents will ALWAYS merge. This make it easier than ever to merge 2 pdf documents. Here’s how to merge 2 documents in High Sierra.

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Mar 25

If you’ve ever been given a pdf file that you want to edit, or a pdf form that you need to complete and return electronically, you’ll realise that it’s not obvious how to edit a pdf file in OS X. You can make simple changes to a pdf file using the free built-in Preview App that comes free with OS X. Here’s how.

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