How to modify the settings on your D900i Samsung mobile


I know this is a little of the ‘Macintosh’ topic but I thought I’d post it anyway.

Enter the number: *#8999*8378#

This will put your Samsung D900i into test mode and give you a new menu where you can change all the audio settings for the phone, all the gains (eg microphone, speaker) in various modes (eg handsfree, carkit etc). Make sure you take a note of the settings before you change anything so you can change it back.

The following abbreviations mean:

– Loud Speaker SUP : slide up
– Loud Speaker SDN : slide down

And the others are various versions of handsfree etc. post a note if you work them out.


18 responses to “How to modify the settings on your D900i Samsung mobile”

  1. kazy

    Sir My Samsumg D900i Is Not unlock Please Tell Me im in pakistan

  2. Dean

    Is there a link to an online source where you can find out what ALL the abbreviations mean in the test mode menu? It gets kind of complicated in there, and easy to alter the wrong thing unless you know what the terms and letters mean. Thanks

  3. bob

    Hi, i don’t suppose you would know anything about the memory card in the D900i? I have had repeated problems with it not working, so i took the battery out of the phone, put it back in and it worked again. This, however, stopped making any difference, so i took the memory card out, but can’t get it back in again! i had to push it in to get it out, ithink it has some kind of spring system, but it just wont click back in so i can’t use it. If you know anything about this that could help i would be extremely grateful!

    Thanks a lot

  4. Sorry Bob, no idea. Have you tried a different memory card to make sure the one you are using is not faulty?

  5. faiz

    Sir, Iam from pakistan. i want to know that in D900i there is FM radio in it. because official web site of samsumg show that there is FM radio in it. But some web sites do not show this function. Sir can you please give me information about this. please contact me on my email.

  6. Yes there is an FM radio in it.It uses the headphones as an antenna so it only works if the headphones are plugged in. It sounds very good.

  7. catalin

    where do you put those codes?….I tried in dial screen but it doesn`t do nothing…Can someone tell me how do I get in test mode?Thx

  8. Alfred

    Try out This Code FOr D900i *2767*688# Or *2767*3855# if u want to reset ur phone back to the way it came 4rm da shop

    1. Mandy

      Hi Alfred
      my son had no sound on his phone….don’t know how that happened!! But Thank you sooo much, I tried out this code *2767*3855# and it worked. it went back to the original settings and the phone has sound again.

  9. Andile

    i would llike to know how to get my d900i sound settings back to normal i forgot the settings so i would like to get it back to normal please help me.

  10. jimmy

    my name is jimmy and my samsung D900i doesn’t want to work, it says limited service. what should i do ghelp me please.

  11. Simon

    Name Simon, if your samsung doesn’t work. just turn it off and back on. it should work. that is how i do with mine.

  12. Hello
    Hope You All Should Be Fine There.
    I Too Have Samsung D900i But Now Its Doing a Problem Some Time He Pickup The Sim Card & Sometime Not And Another Problem When It Pickup Sim Card & I Call Someone Then Its End Button Not Working Its Just Work When I Am Press End Button For Switch Off Not On End The Call Can Anyone Tell Me What’s Wrong With It.
    Hope To See Your Text Back Soon
    Take Care
    Keep Smiling

  13. Martin

    I am having problems with my samsung radio. It is not clear when i try to tune it and doesnt pick up a signal when i use my headphones as an antenna. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  14. zain

    hello my phone doesnt have sound can you help me

  15. Olivia smith

    I think this is very good phone, but my question the game in this phone is trial game or not??
    Because I know there is many games in this phone…

  16. Hi
    That you have gone into this level of detail is amazing.
    I’m trying to get my wife’s phone (Samsung sgh-d900i) text messages (precious to her) across to an iPhone 4 to bring her into the smartphone age. Contacts appear ok – they are on the sim. Can’t seem to download sms’s to a micro sim In the phone as it isn’t recognized by the phone – maybe has to be formatted by the pc-based utilities pack.
    Do you have any ideas?
    I’m in Canberra.

  17. sabeed ejaz

    no service occur due to removal of imei n.o from phone? how i can repair imei???? plz help me….. sabeed ejaz from pakistan

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