About Me

Well this is me (the one on the left).

My name is Wayne Connor. I live in Dubbo, NSW. I was trained as an Electrical Engineer and worked for ABC radio in hardware audio design. Now I am a pastor at Dubbo Presbyterian Church, but I still love electronics and Macintosh computers.

I’m always answering people’s questions about computers, so rather than explain each answer 5 times, I thought a website might save time in the long run.  Each time someone asks a question I put the answer here. Then I refer others to it. This site has been going since 2005.

I’ve also designed some WordPress themes – slidingdoor (good for a photo oriented site) and pictureperfect (similar).

I also run pastor2pastor.org.au a site for pastors to share resources and ideas and dubbo.org a tourist information website for our great city of Dubbo.

Finally, this site is a site for me to write about things not related to macintosh computers.



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