Feb 16

I almost got hooked by a facebook scam today.  This is not strictly Macintosh but it’s computer related.

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Dec 23


Apple is all out of displays. If you purchase a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro you’ll need to buy a 3rd party monitor to go with it. They  no longer make any monitors. It might not sound like a big issue, but this is a failure on all 3 points of the original Apple marketing strategy of 1977. Let me explain why. Continue reading ⟩

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Sep 15

We’ve just hit 10,000,000 page views.


Thanks to all you loyal readers out there!

Here’s the oldest still surviving post that I could find, from January 2006…

How to fix an iPod.

And here are some of the most popular topics over the years.

Aug 28

The Bose Bluetooth headset goes to Columbus Holt from the USA.

Congratulations! (You have 14 days to claim your prize – I’ve sent you an email.)!


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Jun 21


For the past 2 months I’ve been running a design contest at hatch wise.com for a new logo for this website.  We had 170 entires! Here’s the winner.

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Apr 15

heart bleed

You might have heard on the news or web about the ‘heartbleed’ bug. I want to answer two questions: Does it affect Macintosh users? Do I need to do anything about it?

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