Dec 19

Today Apple released iOS 10.2 and sadly we are still stuck with this childish cartoon popup when you click on a word in a text message. I have had numerous people complain about this so I’m not the only one who thinks it turns the iPhone into a very expensive kid’s toy. You can’t copy part of a message so if you need to copy a verification code or address into another app – too bad. For a workaround look here.


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Nov 15

If, like me, you’re finding it ridiculous how complicated it is to open the iPhone and get to the home screen, maybe you’d like to leave Apple a message here:

Oct 28


Google Inbox has become my preferred email app for my iPhone. I have been using it alongside Apple Mail for about a year but in the last couple of months I have completely ditched the Apple Mail app in favour of Google Inbox.  It’s just lovely to use, where do I start?

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Oct 25


Apple have removed the ability to copy part of a text message in iOS 10. Quite often I need to copy just part of a text message – e.g. a verification code, a bank account number, an address and so on, to paste into another application. You can’t do this anymore in iOS 10.   There is a work around.  Copy the entire message, paste it into the text reply field at the bottom of the messages window, then copy part of the message from there.

Read on for details.

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