Jan 12

This is very technical! This website macintoshhowto.com uses a wordpress plugin called wp-touch.

It has a bug in it. I needed to fix it to get the site working. Here’s how to fix it.

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Nov 22

Merging pdf files in Big Sur is the easiest it’s ever been. You just need to be in thumbnail view and drag one pdf fiel into the other one, save, and they will merge.

  1. Double click any pdf file. (It will open on Preview)
  2. Select View Thumbnails in the sidebar.
  3. Drag any other pdf file into the sidebar and let it go there.
  4. Save the new pdf file.

Here’s how to do it with pictures.

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Nov 17

I’ve been a long time user of Apple Calendar but I’ve switched to Google calendar for 2 main reasons:

  • It’s easier to access on different devices
  • You can set colors for events.

I’m now using a Pixel phone and the Google calendar works flawlessly on the Pixel phone, and iPhone, as well as an OS X computer.

As you can see above, I color code my event according to different areas I’m working on to help plan my week. You can set the color of a calendar in Apple Calendar, but not the color of an event.

It’s super easy to sync Google calendars between all MAc devices and Google devices. You just add the Google account to your OSX computer, and the calendar appears in the Apple Calendar app. But if you want to see different colors for events, you’ll need to open the Calendar in a browser (Safari or Chrome) by going to calendar.google.com

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Oct 06

I’m always getting clickbait about a security vulnerability with Apple, or a new virus or something. Pretty much all of them are irrelevant to the average user. But this one is something to be aware of, not because it’s particularly nasty, but becuase it’s so simple to do. This is the kind of hack your teenager next door neighbour will try to use on you to steal your Apple login details. It’s actually very easy to pull off.

When I was on work experience at the CSIRO in year 10 I was quite bored. We were given the lowest level access to their computer system and not much work to do. So I wrote a very simple program that tricked my supervisor into typing in his login details. This gave me the highest level access possible into the CSIRO computer.

Now I immediately told him what I did, it was after all just for a bit of a challenge. He didn’t believe me. I showed him how I did it, and, well, he was not impressed. So, believe me, this is the kind of thing a teenager does for fun. It’s the challenge of it.

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Sep 03

The free dropbox plan comes with 2GB of data. If you invite someone new to dropbox, both they and you get an extra 500MB, up to 16GB for free.

If you’re a first time dropbox user…

Use this link to get an extra 500MB. (I get an extra 500MB too!)


If you are an existing dropbox user:

Open dropbox.com in your browser and login.

Click on the icon at the top right of your dropbox and select ‘Settings’

Select ‘Plain’ then scroll down to ‘Invite a friend’

Each friend who joins will add 500MB to your account!

Aug 17

This is quite technical, but I’m putting it here so I don’t forget, and for anyone else who may be helped!

Rsync is a file copying protocol that allows you to copy an entire directory. It’s like an automated version of ftp, but it uses the SSH protocol not ftp. Here’s how to make a backup from SiteGround to your Macintosh Computer using rsync.

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Aug 09

There are preset colour sets for graphs in Apple numbers spreadsheet. It’s easy to apply a preset set of colours for a graph. But how do you customise the individual colours of bars or lines within a graph? This took me ages to work out! The trick is to click on the graph, then click on the bar in the graph, then the style window appears. (It’s usually hidden).

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Jun 17

I’ve been doing this for years, but I’ve never written an article about it. I have an easily accessible folder, available from anywhere, where I throw anything that is temporary. I can easily find what I need, but it doesn’t clutter other places up. Read on… it’s better than it sounds.

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