How to write your own mobile phone drivers for OSX

In this post I posted some drivers for the Samsung D900 mobile phone. A lot of people contacted me asking how I wrote them. Well it was a bit of a fudge really. All I did was grab the Samsung D900i phone driver, and change every occurrence of D900i to D900!

I also did a version for the Optus D736 here and it seemed to work.  Here’s how I did it.

  1. I downloaded a phone driver like this file.
  2. I right clicked on the file and select ‘show package contents’.
  3. I opened info.plist with a text editor like Textwrangler.
  4. Where it says D900i I  changed it to the phone that I wanted to work. (If you do this you will have to use the proper official model name for the phone.)
  5. I opened the folder called resources and opened the file called MetaClasses.plist
  6. I did the same – changed the phone name.

I changed likes like this:


<string>SAMSUNG+SAMSUNG SGH-D900</string>

and this:






I started with a file closest to the one that I wanted to end up with. I wanted to write a driver for the samsung D900i mobile phone so I started with the driver for the Samsung D900 and modified it.

So if you were wanting to write a driver for say a Nokia or Motorola phone, you would  probably be better off to start with a driver for that phone and then modifying it.

This is a total hack, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I did it, but it just worked, and it didn’t seem to break anything. So use this at your own risk and I take no responsibility!



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