Samsung Galaxy S7 – my unsuccessful enquiry to Samsung.


I am a diehard Mac fanatic.  But only because Apple is the best.  So I am the worst kind of fan. I will switch if something better comes along.  At Christmas time I had a play with my cousin’s Samsung Galaxy S6. It was very nice. It’s the first time I’ve considered switching to Android.   I know I am flirting with the enemy here but I was wondering whether it might be time to do a series on switching from iOS to Android?  I reached out to Samsung. Read on to see how they responded!

Google have written a mail app for the iPhone called ‘Inbox‘ which I prefer over Apple mail. They have written an even better calendar app, but  it doesn’t sync properly with the OS X desktop calendar yet.

Google are on the way up and Apple on the way down, but is it time to switch yet?

If you’re going to compare the iPhone to anything I figured it should be the best so I set my sights on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

In February I sent a letter to Samsung asking if they had a phone I could review for  Sadly it is 5 months later and Samsung have not even acknowledged my letter.  I sent it three times: to their marketing department, to their sales department and to their support team.

I wasn’t expecting a phone but I was expecting some kind of a reply!

What are people’s feelings? Stay away from Samsung? Try and track down a secondhand phone? Is there a better Android phone to review than the Samsung S7?  Are there any people out there who have switched from iPhone to Android?

What do you think?

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