How to get your address book contacts into your mobile phone

If you are moving from another mobile phone to an iPhone, if you first sync your old phone to your Address Book it will bring all your numbers into your iPhone. Likewise, you can copy all your address book contacts onto your mobile phone from your iPhone or Address Book.  Here’s how.

On your Mobile turn on bluetooth and make sure the phone is discoverable.

On your Macinotosh go to System Preferences:Bluetooth.

If it’s off turn it on.

Click on the + sign to add a new device.

Your phone should appear: select your phone.

You will get given a password on your screen and your mobile will ask for a password. Type it onto your phone.

Open iSync (Applications:Utilities:iSync)

select the menu Devices:Add Device

When the phone appears, double click it.

Now your phone will appear in the isync window. Set up the settings as you want them.

Finally click ‘Sync Devices’ and it will fill your phone with all your Address book contacts.

Here is a list of all the phones that will sync with iSync:

plus these:


4 responses to “How to get your address book contacts into your mobile phone”

  1. Wayne, I was going really well with this until I got to iSync and it told me that it couldn’t connect with my device. Perhaps my phone is too old (SGH-A411). I have never been able to get my phonebook contacts onto my Mac. Phone manual is useless. So your post had me very excited, only to fail at the last hurdle! I don’t expect you to reply – I think I should upgrade to an iPhone!! I love to keep up with your blog, and find it really helpful. Just thought I’d crawl out of the woodwork and say hello. Best wishes, Ros Mirrington (ex DPC)

  2. David Nash

    Thanks for this.

    On my Snow Leopard MBP, iSync is in the Applications folder (and not in Utilities).

    The pairing step works fine (in Sys Prefs : Bluetooth), and then in iSync ‘Add Device’ sees my ZTE F165 phone, but there is a message ‘iSync cannot connect to this device.’ Similarly for an iPhone 4. Any hints?

  3. David you are correct isync is in the Applications folder – I’ll fix that up.

    The iPhone 4 syncs differently – it doesn’t need iSync. iSync is just for non-apple devices.
    You need to plug the iPhone in via USB and sync it via iTunes. There is a tab that appears in iTunes after you plug in your iPhone that lets you select to sync Address book or not.

    As for the ZTE – I have no idea…

    1. David Nash

      Thanks Wayne. Yes I realise iTunes is the way for iPhone, but I didn’t realise it isn’t supposed to work with iSync too and just thought that would be extra info for my ZTE F165 problem, but as Bloom says “Perhaps my phone is too old” (and the Windows software that goes with it does sync the contacts list).

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