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Mounting Samsung D900i as USB drive in OSX

Well it seems that OSX won’t recognise any Samsung phones. So to get my samsung D900i working on OSX I had to do this…


Well it seems that OSX won’t recognise any Samsung phones. A bit disappointing given their TV adds on how Macintosh is friendly with everything! I rang Samsung and they said ‘we don’t support macintosh’

So to get my samsung D900i working on OSX I had to do this: (I’m not suggesting you do it for whatever reasons like you might sue me if it doesn’t work, but it worked for me).

1. Download this file:

2. Run it

3. Put some memory in the mobile phone miniSD slot because it is only the external memory that the phone uses as a USB drive. (I got 2G for $25 so it’s pretty cheap)

4. Go into the USB settings on the phone and set it to USB mass media, not USB modem.

3. Plug in your Samsung D900i and wow, it mounts AND itunes now recognises it and imports the photos automatically!

Note: if you want to SYNC your samsung D900i that is a separate issue, look here.

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hi wayne,
i have the same question like in the comment before. Will your patch work with the sgh-e590?
Waiting for your answer, Best regards,


If you want to get the sgh-e590 or other samsung phone going, get ‘USB prober’ (comes with dev tools on all OSX installations).
Run USB prober.
Plug in the phone,
Hit the refresh button.
Look for the entry that has your phone
Find the line that says:
Device VendorID/ProductID: 0×05AC/0×0204 (Blah Blah phone company)
Email me the Device Vendor ID/Product ID. (eg 0×05AC/0×0204)
I’ll see what I can do.

hey wayne,
usb prober can only be found on the apple developer’s site? and it will cost my powerbook memory 1G which i cant afford.

any other way for my mac to recognise the e590? before i get the conventional card reader?

Go to about this mac in your file menu.

Click on more info.

Click on USB in the left window.

Select your phone in the top in the right window and down the bottom there should be an entry that says product ID and vendor ID.

I will try and write an entry on how to make these drivers yourself.

Wayne. Thanks a lot for spending time on this. I really appreciate it.

here is wht system profiler tells me:

SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem:

Version: 1.00
Bus Power (mA): 500
Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
Manufacturer: Samsung
Product ID: 0x665c
Serial Number: 353494-01-210643
Vendor ID: 0x04e8


I had my gfs samsung hooking up with my old mac but since i got anew imac running 10.5 it doesnt seem to work ive run your zip and says installed the phone says usb connected and it comes up in the about this mac/more info/usb bit but i cant see it on the desktop or in the finder!

Please help!



i’ve a SAMSUNG SGH-G600, i would like to have USB mass storage and sync. Could you tell me how to do ?

Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x04E8/0x663E


Hello wayne THANKS!!!!! the pacht works fine with Tiger 10.4.11 and a Samsung SGH-J700L, thanks again, i wasted a lot of time browsing the web and well i found this usefull site.



I have a D900i when Plug in my USB iPotos mounts but says there are no photos, what am I doing wrong. I have set my USB to mass media.

Can someone please help

Thanks in eager anticipation


Result – I used this with a G600 to get music off iTunes. This works. Need to restart Mac for connection to work and it will not copy downloaded tunes, but all those off CD work fine. Any ideas on the restart issue?

Thanks again my son is really pleased !

Hi Wayne,
Just to say a sincere big thank you for the Mac/Samsung utilities.
My D900i now not only syncs to my Mac(s)… it has enabled me to connect using USB and transfer the ‘Our Man Flint’ telephone sound as a ringtone (something I have never been able to do with my venerable Nokia 6310i)… awesome!!

Many thanks again,

Legend! This works with my G600, thanks but what’s up with Samsung not liking Macs??? this will be my one and only Samsung phone, back to Nokia after this!

Big thanks Wayne,
I just bought my son a J700i plugged it in to his mac and nothing

I downloaded and ran on his old G4 quicksilver running 10.57, worked like a charm and the poor phone is now full of his dodgy R&B and grime music.

I have a Samsung i617 and I’d really appreciate it if you could help me with the driver!

Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x04E8/0x6663

Thanks a lot!

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