How to test your website for different browsers


There are web applications that will allow you to preview what your website will look like on different browsers. You type in your website (e.g. and the site shows you what your website will look like in almost any browser you can think of. One such website is It’s free to use,  but there is a daily limit as to how many times you can use it.

If you make websites it’s good to check your site in as many different browsers as you can. On the mac it’s good to check your sites in at least Chrome and Firefox as well as Safari. But how can you check your sites in Windows Explorer when it’s not available for mac?

One option would be to boot into Windows (using Bootcamp or Virtual Box or Parallels) and test the site yourself using Explorer.

Another option is to use a web based service that will look up your site on a PC, take a screenshot, then let you use that screenshot.

One such service is

You can select which browsers you’d like to see your site in. It will give you a page like this showing you screenshots of your site on various browsers. You can then click to see a display of your site in that browser.





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