How to upload iWeb 09 sites without a .mac account

iWeb from 2009 onwards has the ability to publish your website directly to an ftp server. This means that you don’t need a .mac account to publish your iWeb site.

If you have iWeb 08 or earlier it’s not built-in, but you can still do it, read this previous article on how to publish via ftp from iWeb 08.

Firstly, you will need to purchase a web hosting account with FTP access where you can upload files to the internet. This will usually come for free from your ISP and be included with your normal internet access package, just like email is included. Your ‘ISP’ is your internet service provider. They are the person you pay to get on the internet. If you only use free wifi then you’ll need to purchase a web hosting account from someone like bluehost.

You will need to find out some technical details from you ISP or web provider before you progress. Don’t be scared off by the funny names. They are actually quite simple. These are the details of where your webpage will be stored.

You will need 3 things.

FIRSTLY, the address of the ‘ftp server’ for where you want to put your website. If your website is ‘’ then it will be something like (It may be something more obscure like

SECONDLY you will have a username and password with it that you will need. Your username may be your email address or it may be something different.

THIRDLY you will also have the name of the ‘directory’ which is simply the place your files will be stored on the website and it will be something like this: ‘/public_html’. If you don’t know what this is, ring and ask your ISP.

You will need to know all these 3 things before you proceed. It’s no use guessing them.

If you don’t know them you need to ring ask your web provider who you are paying for your web hosting what these details are. In summary you need (1) ftp server address, (2) username and password and (3) remote directory name (or remote folder name).

How to Publish the iWeb Site.

Make and edit your website in iweb. In iWeb click your site name as follows:

You are selecting not a page in the site but the site itself – in this case “Macintosh How To.”

When you do this you will see a page full of setting appear in the main window.

Under ‘Site Publishing Settings’ select Publish to ‘FTP Server’ as follows:











Underneath is a second box of settings. This is where you put in your ISP settings as follows:


These are  the settings we talked about above from your ISP.

Fill them all in and press Test Connection. This will do a test upload to make sure all the settings are correct.

If it works you are set to go – when you publish your site it will now publish to your website rather than to iWeb.


9 responses to “How to upload iWeb 09 sites without a .mac account”

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  2. avigail

    I just tried to FTP to my server (go daddy) and it seems to be taking FOREVER! I asked that it update changes.. so it is really no so much data. Its been 30 minutes and the site remains unchanged, but the publish buttom is gray… Uploading the whole site through go daddy FTP takes about 10 minutes.

    in y9ou experience is the I-web (non mobile me) upload slow?

  3. Ron

    Thanks for this. It couldn’t be easier. I’ve got other ‘pro’ apps to build web sites, but I knew iWeb could do it quick n’ dirty (although not so dirty actually!)
    I had a 24 page photo album up in less than 15 minutes.


  4. Hisham MJ

    Thanx My Friend,

    You’ve just given me the key to access a whole new world and cant wait to get in there.Really appreciate it !

    Terima Kasih.
    Hisham (Malaysia)

  5. hi where can i find “site Publishing Settings” ?


  6. I am having big problems viewing the website that I have uploaded via the FTP sever in iWeb.

    I have all the addresses, paths and usernames correct, with the domain pointing towards the host site.

    Whilst it ‘uploaded’ fine, when i click ‘view’ i get ‘this page cannot be displayed’. I have tried everything with the host company and the domain company … they claim everything their end is working well.

    Please help?

  7. Menkit

    I am also struggling with iWeb 3.0.4
    Tried to publish to local folder so I could find where it was and then upload via FTP to server but nowhere can it be found ….
    Very frustrating.

  8. Manuel

    Thank you so much this helped me alot.

  9. face painting

    It helped me a lot!

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