Bundle of 10 Mac Apps


Over at  Stack Social there’s a great deal running.

Stack Social have put together a bundle of 10 Mac apps from various developers, you choose the price you want to pay.

For me personally  the only app in this bundle really worth paying for was WALTR. (It lets you put any movie easily onto your iPad. A few readers have suggested it in comments here. WALTR is usually $29). If nothing else it’s a cheap way to get WALTR.

There’s also Crossover which lets you use some (not all) Windows apps on your Mac. I tried using it with Windows Explorer to browse the web and it didn’t work! RapidWeaver might be useful (RRP $89) if you do website design.

Click on ‘Continue Reading’ for a full list of all the apps.

  • RapidWeaver 6 ($89.99): The all-in-one web design software for Mac that enables you to build the website you’ve always wanted.
  • Find Any File ($7.99): Find every file on any of your disks, including those usually hidden—fast and precisely.
  • Screens ($29.99): A beautiful, yet powerful screen sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac anywhere in the world.
  • StuffIt Deluxe 16 For Mac ($49.99): Easily and safely shrink your photos, music, and other documents without reducing quality.
  • CrossOver 14 Mac ($59.95): Run Windows software on your Mac the simple way.
  • BusyCal ($49.99): An alternative to the built-in Calendar app on OS X that provides powerful time-saving features in a friendly, easy-to-use package.
  • WinZip 4 Mac ($29.95): WinZip Mac 4 makes it easy to zip and protect your files, and new sharing options let you seamlessly connect to cloud services.
  • WALTR ($29.95): Take the ‘SUCK’ out of copying music & video onto your iPhone/iPad.
  • RoboForm Everywhere: 1-Yr Subscription:  ($19.95) Unlimited password management
  • Scapple ($14.99): A freeform text editor that allows you to make notes anywhere on the page and to connect them using straight dotted lines or arrows.

You can pick any price as long as you pay more than the average price paid so far. That kind of makes it like a massive online auction as the lowest price slowly rises. Clever really. I just bought them and it was a minimum of $6.03 for all the apps. But the idea is that you pay what you think they are worth.



Click here to go to the Stack Social page and purchase the bundle. (I am an affiliate partner.)


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