How to get your Fiji Xerox printer working in OS X Yosemite

fuji xerox docuprint c4350

The upgrade to OS X Yosemite broke my Fuji Xerox Docu-centre C4300 laser printer. When I tried to print it gave me this error: “Filter Failed”. Here is how I eventually fixed it.

There are lot’s of fixes on the Apple forums for the ‘Filter Failed’ error. I tried them all but sadly none worked for me…

Reset printing system by deleting the printer and adding it again:  problem  still there!

Repair disk permissions:  problem still there!

Make sure I have the latest Fuji Xerox drivers (version 1.5): Problem still there!

Wait a minute!!!

Fuji have 2 versions of the 1.5 version printer driver.

And the older version doesn’t work…

No – I’m not joking- this is real… Fuji released their Xerox driver VERSION 1.5, and then they released another version 1.5, and then another version 1.5

You can see all the version 1.5 versions  here. Actually that one now (2015) seems to have turned into Japanese, now try here.

Yes – most companies upgrade the number so that we know they have done an update. For example to 1.6 would be a nice simple choice. Just a little bit above 1.5 so we know it is newer. Or of that’s too radical, what about 1.5.1. Even that would work. Anything except the same number!  But for some unknown reason fuji like to stick with the same number for different versions.


I found this little note on the Fuji website:

“Released Print Driver for Mac OS X supporting OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Please download the driver registered on October.17 then upgrade the driver if printing on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.”


So when you upgrade to Yosemite, you need to download the October 17 version of driver 1.5, that fixes it!

The download of the “October 17 Yosemite compatible version’ of version 1.5 is available here.


This is like a game of hide and seek. They have changed again. The version 1.5 drivers have been upgraded again and they are now here:


16 responses to “How to get your Fiji Xerox printer working in OS X Yosemite”

  1. KK

    I’ve been getting the filter error as well and driving me nuts. Thank you. I’ll give this a go. Hope it works.

  2. alex

    Same problem, but only on print jobs that have long names or spaces in the document title… for pdfs that were 1 word no spaces, it still worked… no idea why…

    thanks for the hint, i had looked, seen version same and assumed that it was the same…

  3. Jamie

    Thank you so much, this worked a treat.

    1. Bev

      Having same filter problem with scanning and multiple printing. Have a fuji xerox docuprint M205b but can’t find relevant help. Not sure what driver to download Can you help me please?

      1. ktmay

        That’s if you are running on Mac Bev. What operating system are you using?

  4. At least it’s working :)

  5. Audrey

    No. Still doesn’t work. This is so frustrating!

  6. Trevor

    Same issue with multiple copies on Fuji Xerox CM215fw. Get Filter Error when trying to print multiple copies.

    1. DOT

      Hi if you find anything for your printer please post here! having same problem, contacted FujiXerox, and they said there is no intent to fix printer driver for CM205fw. grrrr. great printer. filter failed sux!

  7. Trevor

    I downloaded the October 17 Driver version and installed it.

  8. Chris

    I contacted Fuji Asia Pacific about a Yosemite driver for my Docuprint CM205 and they replied that they are hoping to release it in March. Until then I am using the most recent driver and avoiding printing multiple copies (which also give me the “filter failed” message).

  9. HJ Kim

    Thank you so much. You saved my life. BTW, driver link url was changed.

    1. Thanks for the updated link.

    2. Dimi

      This updated worked, thank you HJ Kim.

  10. Benedict

    Using the update link, i managed to download the driver. Now my printer prints but it is still unable to print multiple copies.

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