Resetting a drum cartridge in a printer

Many printer manufacturers have a built in counter on the drum cartridge in their laster printers. This is so that the drum cartridge will get replaced at a regular interval and remain in good condition. The drum can in many cases continue to function a long time after the counter has expired. It is possible to reset the counter in the drum cartridge to extend it’s life. Then you can wait until there are marks or faded patches on the printed pages before you replace the cartridge. In some cases I have been able to reset the drum cartridge 3 times, extending the life of my cartridge to 400,000 copies instead of the the recommended 100,000.

Here’s a video hot to  reset a drum cartridge. It doesn’t take long.

You need to buy a drum resetter that is specific to your printer.

Here is an example. It costs around $100 and will do an unlimited number of resets. It is easy to use as this video above illustrates. A new drum can cost around $250 so $100 for a resetter is very economical!


You can also buy a 1 time chip replacement for around $10 that will give your drum cartridge a single reset. A single one is a little more fiddly as you need to actually replace the chip.


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  1. Alan White

    Hi Wayne. I’m keen to reset the drum counter on an older Fuji Xero Document Centre C240 that is going well and for which I’ve picked up a lot of toners. So printing is pretty economical! I got some counter re-set chips off Alibaba but fitting them doesn’t seem to reset the counters so I’m no further ahead with that solution. Is the counter re-set tool you show on the You Tube clip available for the C240 and if so, where do I get one? Thanks very much. Alan

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