How to Air Print to a non-airprint printer from your iPad or iPhone

Apple has introduced a ‘print’ button onto iPads, iPhones and iPods.  Unfortunately  you need a special “AirPrint” enabled printer. Thankfully there is an application called ‘Handyprint’ that allows you to print to any printer.  Here’s where to get it and how to use it.


On your iPhone at the bottom of some apps is a ‘share’ button. If you click this button you get a menu of different ways to share the content, one of these options is ‘print’ as shown below.

Share Button


Print Button
When you press the ‘Print’ button you will be given an option to choose a printer, but unless you have a special AirPrint printer’ you will see no printers here at all.  (I have a Canon IR5000, a Canon inkjet, a Xerox and a HP and none of them are AirPrint!)
If you don’t have an AirPrint printer there will be no printer here to select


STOP PRESS: Forget everything below. There’s a great new app by Samsung called “Samsung Mobile Print” and it can print to any printer on your wi-fi network from your iPhone without you needing to put any extra software onto your computer.
It even printed to my Xerox laser printer first try which usually is a little tricky to get going.
Just go to app store on the iPhone and search for “Samsung Mobile Print”
Thanks Bogdan for this tip.

Old article below:

If you want your non-airprint printer to appear then you can download the following free  donation ware  $5 application called ‘AirPrint Activator‘ ‘HandyPrint’ from netputing.
It’s free for 14 days then it asks for a donation of a minimum of $5. It used to be free, then it was donation ware, now it costs $5. If anyone finds a free alternative let me know.
You download it to any computer that’s attached to your printer.  Your computer acts as a bridge between your iOS device and printer.
Click here to go to the netputing page to find the latest version.  Download the little application called ‘HandyPrint’. You may then need to click on the ‘downloads’ button in the top right of Safari to find where it has been downloaded to.
Click on the ‘Show Downloads’ button to find it.
Now run HandyPrint by  double clicking the HandyPrint application.
You should get a window that looks like the one below.
Press the slider to ‘Turn On’ AirPrint.

The Printer should now appear in your iPad or iPhone printing menu!

Windows users:

There is a PC version that I’ve found but it costs $20. You can download from here: Anyone found a free PC version?

Printing directly from iOS without a computer:

There is an alternative way of doing this. You can an app on your iPhone or iPad that will attempt to print directly to your printer. ‘Printer pro’  in sone such app and there is a good set of instructions here.  There’s a free version that will let you see if it works here.

I am not recommending Printer Pro.  When I tried it all it printed was 11 pages of gobbledygook. Also, Printer Pro doesn’t work on some printers, and so they have released a ‘helper app’ called desktop helper which you can run on your computer. That now means you are running two apps. The good thing about handy print is that it uses the printer drivers on your computer, so if your computer can print to your printer then handy print can as well. Handyprint only costs $2 more.


113 responses to “How to Air Print to a non-airprint printer from your iPad or iPhone”

  1. sam

    Samsung (android) is more limited than iOs-devises and you need to use googles webprint or hp eprint which ios can use too.
    There is NO direct wireless printing but you can buy software to do that…

  2. maggie

    so easy thans

  3. bobby

    fingerprint has a trial version that worked for a pc but has a watermark untill you buy the pay version for 20

  4. Joyce

    Can I print from my iPad to a hp photosmart c6380 all in one wireless printer or do I need a special app?

  5. Mary Lynn

    I have a mini iPad and I purchased a canon pix a mg3220. I set the printer up but my iPad is still not finding it when I push print. Should I send the canon back?
    It was advertised as compatible with an iPad but must be connected to the same IEEE802.11 wireless LAN platform. I’ve no idea what that means. The connection outlets or USB cords are to big to insert in my iPad.

  6. Jared

    You missed my personal favorite! Print Hub, which supports printing every filetype I’ve tried, has the option to connect to Dropbox, lets me edit photos before printing and best of all, it’s only $0.99!

  7. Leah

    I’m REALLY angry at the MISLEADING tag line/headline saying “How to print
    From ANY printer from your I devices” – as I’ve been searching for fixes as to print
    to the printers I already have!!

    How to print: Copy everything you type into the body of an email & send to a
    Computer that has word docs that can be easily printed. It’s better to take a few
    Extra minutes than be forced to buy a printer due to Apples selfish greed!

    I am not a about to indulge Apple’s insane greed
    By getting a specialty printer. I’ve been a loyal customer for years- & having my
    New IPhone 5 not be able to use any of the accessories I have because of the
    smaller charge port- & forced to buy all new stuff- & now a printer!?!?! What’s next!?
    I’m ready to switch to Samsung- cheaper, all products equally
    interchangeable & they aren’t blood thirsty greed monsters.

  8. Carlos

    WOW! Thankyou it worked great with my new Brother DW2270. First I set up my printer to work on the WIFI. Then I set up AIr Print activator. Very easy. Took less than 5 min.Thanks again. My Brother DW2270 is not supposed to “Air Print”(from mobile devices), only wireless print to my desktop. With this program I now am able to “Air Print” from my Iphone. Very handy. I use Iphone 5, and print from Invoice2go. That’s all I need to run my buisness. I used to print from an “Air Printer” Epson NX430 inkjet, it worked great but the ink is expensive ( before i found cheap ink at Amazon “wink wink”). I always used a Brother printer before my epson, but then I needed an Air Print printer so I got the Epson. Now I am happy to be able to print inexpensively from a Brother Laser.

  9. silvia tripodi


    I need a printer that would allow me to print from home to my office 30 km away. Does airprint offer that function? I usually buy Dell printers not sure if they have?

  10. John

    What is the deal here??
    I used to be able to print from my iPad!
    Why not now?
    Just another way to extract more money out of consumers!

  11. Rick

    I used to be able to print from my IPad to my HP printer before I downloaded the iOS 7. So would I be better off uninstalling this useless upgrade?

  12. Mike

    I can print from my G4 iTouch to my WiFi equipped HP printer with no problem, no Air print, airport, Air Supply or anything else as far as I am aware. My new iPad Mini with Retina display gizmo can’t do this. Like I’m going to buy a new Air Print equipped printer? Not likely! Nor am I going to set up my Mac Power book as an intermediary, assuming I understand the above discussion correctly.
    If my iTouch can print without this hassle, why can’t the iPad. Is this another “Apple” quirk?
    Venting solves little, but can be rather therapeutic, I guess.

  13. Liz

    Anyone got the free link for AirPrint Activator for Windows 64bit that they can post for the rest of us? Have trawled the internet in vain – like many others, no doubt – only to find info about how wonderful it is but no actual download link on any site I’ve checked on! Even AirPrint Activator’s own site doesn’t have one! Thanks.

  14. lucinda

    print n share is a good printing app

  15. Not so Happy

    The only operating system that will not print directly. Now I have to pay to be able to do this. My windows and Linux pc’s, Android phone and tablet all do, but no not Apple products. Only have Apple due to the kids school. (Only run Windows due to work). Over priced money grabbers.

  16. Misleading!

    Worked great, immediately. Then I saw developer’s misleading wording for it. It’s either free with a suggested donation, or simply charge for it. You don’t require payment and ask for donation. That’s crap. Just a way of getting out of taxes or not providing support. Wont’ use just for misleading, dishonest way of doing!

  17. Kfir

    There is a free App from Canon which allows you to print from you iphone directly to your printer without any PC use.
    It’s free and it called canon easy-photoprint.
    I tried it and it functions great.

  18. guerdeval

    Not so happy, why blame apple, they’re not getting the money!

  19. DveWM

    My IPAD recognizes and prints to my HP Office Jet and to my Epson XP-400. My IPHONE, however, does not recognize either and returns the message “No AirPrint Printers Found”.

    Why is it that my IPAD can print to anything, but my IPHONE 5s can not?

  20. Molly compton

    Look for your brand name printer in App Store

  21. pman5k

    And everyone acts like it is some new awesome thing when iphone 6 has improved printer support…. while 3 galaxy S phone generations ago i had native print Support.

  22. Carole spitalli

    Trying. To print from my I pad. Yesterday, when the repair man was here, we went right to my HP 8610′ clicked on and it printed immediately. Today, I tried exactly the same thing, and the message no air print printer found. Tried it a few times with the same outcome. Help??? !!!!! Carole

  23. Nice! Thank you!

  24. Sharon

    Did you get a reply? I’m having same problem & so are some of my friends

  25. BOGDAN

    Try(and don’t laugh) Samsung Mobile Print app… You’ll be amazed. :)

    1. Just tried it – amazing app!

      1. Really great app, thanks for the hint! Now I can finally print to my Samsung printer without a laptop.

  26. Edwin

    I have iPad mini and I have HP 2135 printer which don’t have wifi or network connect only for a cord how can connect them to print some document? Please help

    1. You will need to connect the printer to your computer then share it from your computer. Otherwise get a printer with wifi.

  27. Nobody

    So If I understand this forum and others , Apple has successfully locked up the Ipad and other devices so only Air print will work. Attaching a WIFI adapter plug to a non WiFI printer is useless as is just about any other method unless you connect it to a normal computer and download a fee based app.. I wonder why Apple locks up the ability to simply add a printer and print from the Ipad. With todays use of these devices it seems all they are doing is pushing people to other pads or phones.
    Simply amazing.

  28. Hi, Tom (Aug. 24, 2012 at 8:46 am message here).
    I was trying to connect a Canon MG3520 Non Airprint printer to my iPad Mini 4, with no luck. I finely found out how to do it. I called Canon Tech Support, Phone# 800-652-2666 and they were very helpful. But first I had installed their App on my iPad, it is called “Canon Print”.

    From my looking into this, apparently each manufacture has their own App to make this work, not sure. I hope this is helpful, Ralphie.

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