How to create a Google cloud printer.


It can be a bit of a pain trying to print from you iOS devices or an Android phone.  Apple have helped by introducing Airprint,  but not all printers support Airprint so in some ways this has made the problem worse.  Yet again Google have come to the rescue. Google allow you to set up any of your printers as a ‘Google cloud printer.’  Here’s how.

Open up your Google chrome browser and type in:  chrome://devices 

Click on ‘Add printers’

 It will display a list of all your printers.  They don’t need to be ‘ Google cloud’  compatible, it will find all your printers and you can just simply tick the ones you want to add then click “Add printers”.

That’s it, your printers are now available in ‘Google Cloud Print.’

You can print to a Google cloud printer from any android device.

On an iOS device or a mac  you can print to a Google cloud printer from your Google Docs.

Also,  if you want to print directly to a Google cloud printer from an iOS  device you can use this app:

Here is a screenshot of my Fuji Xerox printer, the printer has been found automatically by my Google pixel phone.

It was shared from my Mac Mini vis OSX using Google Cloud Printer.


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