How to make a cheap conference call in Australia using normal phones.

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Here’s the cheapest way I could find to make a conference call that uses your computer to set up a conference call between any normal landline phones.

1. Set up a free account at

They will give you some details like:

Free Conference Call
Conference Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
Host Access Code: 123456*
Participant Access Code: 123456#

To make the conference call, all you need to do is ring the number 1 616 597 8000 from a normal phone and when it asks you, enter the Access Code on the phone keypad. (eg 123456*)
Then every other person who want’s to be on the conference needs to ring the same number and enter the same Code (123456*)

The problem is the number us a USA number, so it’s going to cost a lot.

To get the call to the USA cheap, I signed up with pennytell, then go to their Web Callback page.
Enter in your phone number, then the conference call number, like this:
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This will connect your number to the conference call number.

You can repeat this for every person you want to connect – replace your number with their number – and it will ring them and connect them into to the conference call. (Make sure you give them the access code (eg 123456*) and warn them what’s happening!

The people you call into the conference will not have to pay, your pennytel account will be charged at 3.2 cents per minute per caller.


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  1. Another good free conference calling option is Rondee. Its unique in that you can use the website ( to set up the call and see who’s joining.

  2. barcj

    Wow,your tip is awesome.Thanks a lot.

  3. Harry

    great info. this is really helpful to me


  4. Colin

    Shouldn’t it be 3.2 cents per minute per caller? The AU-US rate is 1.6c/min and there are 2 legs to the call; 1st leg is the callback to your phone, 2nd leg is the call to the conference dial-in number. Therefore, your Pennytel account will be charged 3.2c/min per caller, billed by the second.

    Better yet, sign up for the Free Untimed Plan and the rate is 8cts unlimited calling time. So you pay 16cts per caller to talk as long as they like!

  5. Karen

    Does this really work? The person Iweb chatted with at Pennytel told me it couldn’t be done. I need to know if you’ve actually managed to make a conference call this way? It sounds great in theory.

    1. It worked for me. None of the ideas on this website are untested. They are all just a record of what I have done, mainly so I remember how to do it next time!

  6. Sue

    If you have an Australian company teleconference line, you can call International clients and connect with others on the teleconference line using the Skype group service.

  7. Looks like this post is a little old.
    I’ll clarify some of the information.

    Free Conference Calls actually offers Australian dial in access, so you don’t need complicated methods to reduce the price of calling the United States.
    To find it visit their site and select Australia from the country selection.

    Unfortunately the process is still a little more complicated then just dialing into a conference room. And make sure you don’t dial their 1300 number from a mobile as it will cost you a fortune. (You join directly so paying mobile 1300 rates)

    First you must dial their 1300 number, that will then give you the landline number to dial.
    This number will most likely be an STD call for the participant, you must hang up and redial that STD number.

    Fortunately if you have an ‘unlimited / untimed’ home phone or good national rates this call will not cost you much at all.
    I would recommend using free conference call for home / small office based situations, as its not very professional asking people to hang-up and redial another number that is not a local number.

    Greymouse Global offers local dial in numbers in every capital city in Australia. While this is a pay for service, we have designed it for medium to enterprise type clients that need a professional feel to their conferences. We also offer the option of 1800 toll free calls, however this is at a higher rate due to the reverse charge of the toll free system.

    Additionally we offer the ability to join a conference call directly through a Skype-Skype call.

    If you want to be consulted on the best option for you, whether it be a Skype conference, free conference or pay for service, give us a call and i’ll run through the options.

    Clint Davis
    Greymouse Global
    1800 772 723

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