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I’ve had a few goes at getting a browsing pack for a Telstra pre-paid iphone, it took a while for Telstra to work out how to get it going, here’s how to do it.

1. Purchase the Telstra pre-paid Next-G SIM card, and get Telstra to put it in your iphone.

2. Purchase a datapack. Do this first or you will waste all your credit on expensive data rates! You do this by sending an SMS that says browsepluspack10 to 1257587

3. Turn off WIFI and try to access the web via safari. Your phone will give a message that says ‘could not activate cellular data’.

4. Ring the Telstra general number, 125111, and say to the computer lady ‘Next G mobile phone” Hopefully the computer lady will say ‘Was that Telstra Next-G mobile and Communic8’ – you are on the right track.

5. If you happen to talk to an operator they may suggest you ring prepaid (1258880). Do not ring pre-paid, you will get put to call centre who have no idea how to fix it. Ask to be put through to Next G mobile.

6. Ask if you are talking to Telstra Next G, if they say no, HANG UP AND GO BACK TO STEP 4!

7. When you are talking to a Next G person, you are almost there! Let them know you have an iphone, and you need it activated so you can access the data network. They will place an activation code on your account that let’s the network know it’s an iphone, you need to turn your phone off and on again, and now it will work.

There is no way to directly ring Next G.

5 Responses to “How to get your iphone working on the Telstra 3G network”

  1. Paul says:

    telstra truly are a pack of jokers… fancy having to go thru all this rigamarole to simply have your iphone work LIKE IT IS SUPPOSED TO!!!!

  2. warky says:

    well done, after telstra crushed my spirit
    i rang them back told them they did not have a clue and they fixed.

    step 5 was the win

  3. Wino says:

    I’ve tried 5 times, still no luck… the telstra call center workers simply won’t listen to what I want them to do.
    any news on a direct number to the nextg ‘department’ ?

    • admin says:

      There is no direct number – even the Telstra shop managers don’t have a direct number. Did you say ‘Next G’ at the voice prompt?

      If all else fails, ring and say ‘complaints’ and keep doing that until you get put through to an Australian Call centre. They can put you through directly to Next G.

  4. artecknet says:

    I purchased a $2 sim and recharged with $30 for 3 months and purchased a $10 pluspack. So i will be able to recharge with 3 pluspacks in 3 month period. This is much simpler :)

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