How to a connect a bigpond wireless modem with Snow Leopard.

Telstra are a bit behind the times – their latest offerings of wireless modems don’t work under Snow leopard.
Thankfully it’s only the installer that doesn’t work so here’s how to get the wireless router version of their 3G modem working with Snow Leopard.

You need a web connection (seperate from your new wireless modem) to do this and a bigpond wireless modem.

You cannot put your new big pond username and password into the wireless modem until you have registered that particular wireless modem with your big pond username. The installation CD gets around this but because it doesn’t work in snow leopard, with snow leopard you will need an already existing Internet account to connect to the big pond site and set up your new modem ready for use. Here is how to do it.

1. In system preferences/network/airport  turn on Airport.
2. Connect to your new wireless modem airpirt network using the airport password (WPA) on the small buainesss card that came with the modem. The little wireless bars in the top right of your menu bar should go back to show that you are connected.

3. Open safari and type in where you would type in the web address.  Press return. This will take you to the wireless router page, it should ask you for a username and password. When prompted type admin as the username and admin as the password.

4. On the menus at the top of the page go to diagnostics/ Next G

5. You need to find the imei number and the imsi number. Copy both of these numbers and paste them into text editor or something because you will need them later.

6. Now you need to go to a computer that is connected to the internet and type in this address into the web browser. If you only have one computer, at this point you will need to disconnect from the big pond wireless router and reconnect your old modem and get onto the Internet. When you are connected to the Internet, or using a different computer, go to the following address: xxxxxxxx&imsi=yyyyyyyy

(where I have put XXXXX and YYYYY you need to substitute the numbers from step 5 above instead of xxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyy)

What this is doing is manually registering your next G modem with Telstra.

7. You will now appear at a big pond signup page and it will automatically take you through the process to sign up, asking you for an e-mail address, personal details and so on.

8. After you have finished signing up you need to go back into the wireless modem and put your new settings (Username and password) in.

To do this, it’s the same as steps 1 to 3 above, go to and then to next G settings.
Click disconnect, after it disconnects you will be allowed to edit the user name and password.

Enter the username ( and the password you used during the online signup process.
CLick Connect – it should not be working

If you have problems:

Ring activations:
137663 2   will tell of the progress of your signup
Or ring tech support 133933 with any problems.

Hopefully Telstra will have this issue resolved soon!


4 responses to “How to a connect a bigpond wireless modem with Snow Leopard.”

  1. Gavin Malane

    Have upgraded to Telstra ADSL 2+ package and received a BigPond ADSL Home Network Gateway Modem – do your comments re incompatibility with Snow Leopard also apply to home based wifi modem connections or just to mobile broadband?
    Cheers Gavin

    1. Don’t know! Give it a try. If it works – all good.
      If it crashes – let us know!

  2. Cimarron

    I have a related question, but do not see where to post new questions on this site.

  3. cats

    dont get wireless….

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