How to get a Bigpond NextG USB modem working.

The new Telstra USB Next G modems (2007) work quite well but there are a few problems with the bigpond driver for OSX. The auto setup has a few problems, it misses some steps and describes some steps wrongly, ,so best if you have an experienced mac user with you while you install!

1. Get a telstra bigpond external wireless USB modem.
2. Download the installation software from downloads. You actually need to have internet access to do this! Otherwise you can download it from another computer and copy it to your computer using a USB drive.

3. Follow the instructions to install.

4. When you are using the modem, make sure you plug in and turn on the modem after you boot up or wake up your computer, and turn of the modem before going to sleep. Don’t put your computer to sleep without unplugging the modem or it will crash. This is a bug with the Bigpond software.


5 responses to “How to get a Bigpond NextG USB modem working.”

  1. wallied

    i need to instalate the software of this device which i have ,,,could u help me because i follow the step u mention i try but it not works

  2. Sean

    I havn’t had problems with telstra next g modems i have a wireless sierra 312u Bigpond version and i had a telstra version and never had problems with the ultimate models and i clocked 26.1 mbps and 21.6 mbps and i just upgraded to the wireless sierra ultimate air card ac753s wireless with wifi and there is a bigpond version you can unlock the bigpond version and it will use the telstra next g sim card and it’s 4g lte upgradeable at the telstra shops tech support team

  3. Lollipop_sweetness

    If i have one of those on my computer, can i use the internet on my ipod or not?

    1. Yes just choose ‘Internet Sharing’ from sharing in system preferences and share via W-Fi.

  4. jim

    Where do i find the installation software on the bigpond website?

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