How to get a DUNS number from Australia

Our Church is developing a phone app and as part of the process we needed to get a DUNS number. We were taken to a site called “dun&bradstreet” but there was no place to get a DUNS number if you are not from the USA or Canada. Do you need a DUNS number? Chances are, you already have one!

Somehow I stumbled on this site below and discovered that our church already has a DUNS number. What’s more, I checked out myself and I have a DUNS number! (I have never applied for one.) My theory is that anyone who as an Australian ABN is automatically given a DUNS number from the USA.

So if you go here, you should be able to search yourself and see if you have a DUNS number:

The search results look like this:

By the way, the Apple support site is completely useless on this matter!


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