Scansnap S1500 now working in Catalina

This week Fujitsu surprised everyone by releasing new software that allows older scanners to work with OSX Catalina. The software is 64 bit and works works in MacOS 10.15, it supports older models like the ScanSnap S1500, and it fully integrates with Devonthink Pro. Thankyou Fujitsu!

When Catalina was released Fujitsu announced they would no longer be supporting older scanners like the Scansnap S1500. This was one of the best and most popular scanners for a paperless office and Devonthink users. Last year Fujitsu stated “The 64 bit application for macOS is not provided for the old scanner models such as ScanSnap S1500, S1500M, and etc.  because their support periods have already expired.” (1)

This week Fujitsu released an updated driver that now allows the older scanners to work with Catalina. “We have some exciting news for those of you who love the simple, one-touch scanning process of ScanSnap Manager. We’ll soon be making ScanSnap Manager available for the new iX1500, as well as for earlier models.” (2)

You can download it from this link:


(1) (retrieved 3 July 2020)

(2) (retrieved 3 July 2020)


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