Mojave working nicely!

I have installed OS X Mojave and it is working nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that some of my older and more obscure applications are still working.

Photoshop CS 5.1 is working. I was expecting it to break, but as usual I just had to load the Java run script libraries and it worked.

Illustrator CS 5.1 is still working.

Dragon is working. Nuance claim they have not tested Dragon with OS X Mojave but it is working for me on my late 2012 Mac mini and I can dictate into Microsoft Word and Pages and Mail.

Scansnap Pro is working and imports into Devonthink Pro.

Microsoft Word 2011 still works.

The only app that seems to be crashing is Online Bible.




8 responses to “Mojave working nicely!”

  1. Julia Bowlin

    DRAGON DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!! Are you sleeping under a rock?

    1. I have it working fine.

      Have you done the usual resets?

      See my other article on how to stop version 6 crashing. Dragon 6 can be unstable before you get it running properly, but in my experience it works equally well in Mojave as High Sierra. I have been using it every day since Mojave came out.

      1. TOBY VEALL

        What usual resets are you recommending? Am using an iMac and Dragon is not responding at all.

  2. Bruce Price

    So the big question is, when will Enhanced Dictation be upgraded?
    Also, how do you optimize Enhanced Dictation on Mohave?

    This thing is like a primitive version of DragonDictate but I feel it could be improved and made acceptable. Is this an Apple creation? Can you pressure them into doing the proper thing here, given that lots of people are stranded?

    1. You could always leave a feature request on Apple’s feedback page.

  3. John Lake

    Wayne: Please refer me to your article regarding operating Dragon for Mac without crashing. I also use it on a regular basis and can usually run it without crashing providing I limit certain demands. I’m interested that you are able to run it on Mojave and may try that.


  4. JCPC

    I also had a shock when I upgraded to Mohave and found that DragonDictate failed to put any text into FileMaker Pro which I use for my professional database and letter writing. It also does not work with Safari, Mail or Letters but (thank goodness) does seem to work with MS Word. I am now having to dictate into Word and copy-paste to FileMaker which slows the process but is better than nothing.

    I think Apple are being unbelievably boneheaded in not having their own, or at least effectively outsourced, dictation app compatible with all their software.

    1. It doesn’t paste text into Slack ether. So there are a few apps that it’s broken with.

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