Jul 24

I have a Fiji Xerox Docucentre II C4300 and here’s how I set it up to scan via FTP  to OSX Lion.

1. Enable the built-in FTP server. To do this I downloaded “Lion Tweaks” from here and pressed the ‘Enable the hidden FTP-Server’ button.

2. Make a Folder called ‘Scans’ in my home user folder.

3. Go to Xerox printer ‘Scan to PC’ setting and there are 4 settings you need to fill in:

Server: Enter the IP address of your Macintosh Computer. (Go to System Preferences, Network to find your IP Address, e.g.

Save In: Scans

Username: Your OSX Username

Password: Your OSX password.


Then when you press Scan the pdf of the scanned document will appear in your ~/Scans folder!




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