How to check your Telstra Business Account usage on your iPhone

Telstra has released an iPhone app called ‘Telstra 24×7’ which allows you to check your Telstra account balance. The problem is it doesn’t work for Telstra business accounts!

Telstra also has an iPhone app called ‘Bigpond’. It doesn’t work for business accounts either!

Thankfully there’s a great little alternative called consume. It’s not free, but it could pay itself back very quickly by helping you stay under your monthly call limit.

Consume is an iPhone app to measure your iPhone usage. It works with Telstra business and personal accounts. it also works with most of the major phone companies in the USA. It costs $2.99 but it will let you monitor your data and call usage. It logs into your account and it fetches the latest usage information from there. You can even monitor the usage of more than one account (eg other business phones or family members) from your iPhone.

You can download Consume from iTunes store here.




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