Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is dying.


I don’t like to say this but Apple is starting to be not so crisp, not so sweet, not so Apple.

2 days Ago Apple released a software update that crippled everyone’s ethernet. This meant that unless you used wifi, your internet was gone. Today Apple released a ‘fix’ that you can read about here. It requires you to go into the ‘Terminal’ and type in some lines that will fix the problem.

Go into the terminal??? I kid you not. We have just regressed 32 years.

Apple Macintosh (1984) was Steve Job’s answer to the old ‘DOS’ operating system of the 1980’s where you had to type commands like ‘DIR’ and ‘DEL’ and ‘COPY.’ The idea was that people wanted a graphical user interface (windows) rather than having to type.

Here we are 3 decades later and Apple are telling us that to fix a problem we have to go into ‘Terminal’ (most Mac users don’t even now what Terminal is) and type in ‘rm -rf “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext”

Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave. The fix should have been an automatic download. But we don’t have internet anymore, so we can’t download a fix. Hang on, how can we even read the Apple help article that addresses the problem?  If we can read the article, we can probably download an update. At least something to copy and run from a thumbdrive would have been nice.  And how come Apple’s ‘fix’ came 2 days after the nurds on the internet came up with a solution?

I had a play on one of my cousin’s Samsung phones at Christmas and it’s almost as good as the iPhone. Not quite there yet, but pretty close.

Back in the 90’s when Apple was without Steve Jobs we loyal Apple users went through some dark times, the Performas, the Centris, the Macintosh TV. Desperate times indeed. But there was hope, and Steve Jobs returned to launch the iMac. And the iPod. And the iPhone. And OS X….

We are in dark time again.

The latest release of mac minis went backwards in performance. Apple are releasing software updates that are slowing things down and making old phones almost un-usable.  Apple music is a mess.  Apple Dictation is laughable compared to what Nuance are doing. Apple’s lack of compatibility with different versions of Keynote and Pages is embarrassing. AirPrint and Airdrop still don’t work properly. This latest ethernet problem is one of many blemishes that are starting to appear on the Apple. Time to start the transition to Android?




7 responses to “Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is dying.”

  1. Malby

    Harsh Wayne, harsh. But I have to agree with the issue. Quality control with Apple software is slipping.

  2. James monroe

    Well done! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Murph

    Sorry to say it but I have to agree with you. Apple has left the creative community behind. Hardware as well as software is way behind. Adobe left the door wide open for Apple to come in and scoop up the image editing community with a updated, advanced version of Aperture but they scraped it. They have dumbed down iMovie so much it’s unusable, wrecked Final Cut and cancelled iWeb and whats up with Safari? Don’t get me started on their video cards.

    Very sad to see Apple put all their eggs in one basket with iPhone and now they want to make a car… ugh.

    They need fresh blood from the top down soon.

  4. Ron Jamin

    The problem is that the peter-principle is at work with Tim Cook. A great logistics man, but a retard at what he is doing now.

    And Jony Ive has no counter-point. The Mac Pro. An abortion of usability on the sacrificial table of design. Removing the earphone jack from the iPhone. The MacPro Laptop…..a joke. The dumbing down of Photos. Lightroom. The iPhoneSE…a crippled small form factor iphone. The Watch, an overpriced iPhone accessory. The “pencil”. I could go on for hours. Seriously.

    These two functionaries are lost in the tech-bubble of ignorance. Out of touch with the real world.

    Get some people who really USE apple products to rein-in Ive and Cook.

  5. Jk

    I couldn’t agree more, everything we see now is just nothing special anymore. Two days ago my rMBP15″ didnt start anymore on High Sierra. I never had this issue on my 10 year old “Jobs-PB”. Right now im writing this comment on my MacBook 4.1 from 2008. Still running like a breeze with no issues, SnowLeo was probably the last great OSX we have seen.
    Sadly but true. After that everything went pretty much downhill.
    Today I look at Apple like all other brands, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft…the magic experience is gone. They now just produce shit that doesnt work.


  6. Barf, mog

    So when are we going to see the novella-like article detailing the horrifying confusion, mismanagement and insanity that is the Apple development team(s) and supply chain? This is like watching that one increasingly shabby and creepy house in the neighborhood awaiting the story to come out in the form of either a structural fire, police raid or middle-of-the-night-abandonment and foreclosure, although I don’t say the House of Apple is yet shabby or creepy… on the other hand the products of the House of Apple, yes absolutely shabby.

  7. Although I am the biggest Apple fan and I wanna work at Apple one day, i am really afraid of the changes, which u can clearly see. I love this brand and I don’t want it to be as bad as all others, like for example Samsung or Microsoft. I’ve heared that IOS 14 is gonna have many changes like those of android and that’s literally a disaster. Apple has always been different and I want it to stay like this.

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