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You probably know about Apple-C ‘copy’ and Apple-V ‘paste’ where you can select text , ‘copy’ it and then ‘paste’ it somewhere else,  but have you ever wanted to copy two things then paste them both? For example, a username and a password, or a VISA card number and an expiry date.

Or what about wanting to go back to that thing you copied 5 copies ago and paste it again… Enter Jumpcut. It allows you to this and more.Jumpcut is a great little app that allows you to go back through your previous copies and paste them. It’s free, and easy to use.

Once it’s running, you just cut and paste as normal, but when you want to access an older clipboard item, you simply click on the jumpcut icon in the menubar and it will give you a list of your most recent copies.

It will look something like this:


Select the line containing your clipped text, and it pastes as if you did an Apple-V.

The preferences allow you to select how many items you want it to remember – I have mine set of 40!

It’s free and you can download it from here.


11 responses to “Jumpcut – multiple copy and paste”

  1. Andrew

    How many does it keep, Wayne?

    I use ClipMenu (www.clipmenu.com) which is free, and also lets you keep images on the clipboard and by default keeps 20 items. It appears as though it can keep more than that, but I haven’t tried.

    1. Arthur

      Thank you Andrew, just downloaded it.
      Other alternatives I was considering besides ClipMenu were Jumpcut, and CopyPastePro (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/6856/copypaste-pro). But ClipMenu looks like it’ll fit the bill the most, thanks again.

      1. Dave Davis

        Don’t use copy paste if you’re on yosemite. I have used it for decades, but the owner just seem to be supporting an anymore as I have written him with a couple issues with no reply. It’s got so many features it’s ridiculous, so if you just want a multiple C&P program, Don’t get this.

      2. I use jumpcut on Yosemite and it works fine. Are you having issues?

  2. Susan

    I can’t understand how to paste more than one item at a time. For example, if I copy a bunch of apple pie recipes and then want to paste all of those recipes into an email or a text file, I have to paste them one by one!

    Sure, it keeps them and I can access them but how can I select that whole list of recipe URLs I just copied? Do you know? Thanks in advance!

  3. ian

    It’s great but consider the security issues.
    ‘Copy a Visa number and expiry date’ — Hmm remember it will be there on the menu for all to see until you’ve done 20 more cut and pastes.
    You can, however, delete all at any time and may need to do so after working.

  4. Is there any app that will let me assign hotkeys to always paste the same thing? For example. I have 4 email addresses. It’d be so nice if I could use Control + A for my first email, Control + S for my second email, Control + D for my third, and so on and so fourth.

    I’ve been looking for this forever. But every program is either Windows exclusive, or costs around 50 dollars… Any ideas?

    1. hampton

      that’s exactly what I’m looking for as well

    2. Jeff

      Were you ever able to find one Jon? I need an application that does that as well!

  5. I use Paste it is very good and free. Adds a little icon, with the recent copies to the statusbar and supports multi paste! It can save unlimited items.
    Download at http://ottisoftware.com

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