How to paste html email into Apple Mail

HTML in Safari

I just went to add a Facebook invitation button to an email only to discover that the code that Facebook gave me would not paste properly into Apple mail. This  is because Apple mail does not allow you to paste ‘html’ directly into an email. Here’s how to get html (like a Facebook button, or a table or form) into an email.

Apple mail will not allow you to directly paced HTML into an email.

According to Apple’s help pages you can:

“Choose Format > Make Rich Text. Rich text (HTML) format can include formatting, tables, and images, but may be unreadable for some recipients.”

but even with this option enabled you cannot paste HTML into an email.

There is a way to get html into an email.  The process is this:

  1. Create a new document in  a simple text editor like ‘Textwrangler’
  2. Paste the html code into the text document.
    It will look something like this:HTML code
  3. Save the document as a plain text file. (using ‘Save as’)
  4. Rename the file so that  the extension is .htmlYou may get an error like this,  just click “Add.”

    HTML dialogue

  5. Open the file in Safari by using ‘Open File’ in Safari.Here is an example of what the Facebook ad button looks like in my Safari browser after I do this step:

    HTML in Safari

  6. Copy the content from your safari browser. (Just select it and then use “Copy” or Apple-C.)
  7. Paste the content into you email.




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