My menubar – a walkthough

Here’s a screenshot of my OS X menu bar.  I thought I’d walk you through them one by one in case you find any of them useful.  If you would like more information on one in particular let me know and I can write an article on it.

Menu item

This is where the Dragon Speech Recognition app lives. I have written about it here.


This is the Dropbox app which lets you synchronise your files across different computers and I find it handy to have it in the menu bar.


Kaibiner elements

This is Karibiner Elements. It allows you to map any key to any other key. I use it to map my ‘F5’ key to ‘Command – F5’ because Dragon does not let me apply a function key directly as a shortcut.


Google file stream

This is the icon for Google File Stream. It animates when files are being synced.


Google music player

Google Music Manager App automatically uploads any new files in my iTunes library to Google Play Music. If I import a CD  it will be automatically available to my Pixel phone.


Trip mode

Tripmode keeps track of which applications are using up my Internet bandwidth.


Little skitch

Skitch is the app that allows me to grab screenshots and draw little arrows on them like the red arrows in this article!


One password

1 Password remembers every single password that I have for all the different websites that I visit.  My 1Password currently has 737 passwords in it.


I have 3 instances of ‘Google Backup and Sync’ running for 3 different Google accounts.


Jump cut

This is easily my favourite menu bar application. Jumpcut remembers the last 40 clipboard entries and I can choose to paste any one of them again.



Hazel allows you to watch a folder and then run a script on that folder, but much easier to program than Apple’s folder actions.


Time Machine

This icon animates whenever Time Machine is doing a backup.


Scripts menu

A shortcut to the OS X scripts folder which I used to automate backups of my websites.


Keyboard viewer


Keyboard viewer lets you easily insert symbols like ©®Î©ï£¿¥Ï€.


The last two items are my wi-fi signal meter and the date and time.

These are both turned on from system preferences.




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