How to buy Accordance

Buying Accordance can be a bit confusing as there are so many options. Here’s my tips.

If you are a student or a minister, and just after the basic language tools for Greek and English, (and Hebrew thrown in for free) so you can search, parse words, look up lexicons etc, here’s my buying advice:

1.   Buy the Scholar’s Intro package for  $149. (It’s been on special for as low as US$119 and in Australia I’ve seen it at Koorong for AU$140). This includes the Greek, Hebrew and  your choice of one English Bible (Eg NIV, NASB ESV)

2.  Add a Greek LEXICON: either TDNT ($69-$250)  or BDAG($160) or Liddell & Scott US$45  or Louw & Nida US$30. This is on the scholars CD – you just need to buy an ‘unlock’ code.

3. If you are into Hebrew add a Hebrew Lexicon: BDB Complete US$55

4. Optionally add LXX greek text: LXX1 US$80  (I find this very useful searching for a NT greek word in LXX)


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  1. Found your site through Twitter…thanks for the links and recommendation of Accordance.

    re: Packages, etc. – I’d like to point out that with our current December Sale, you can get the Scholar’s Intro package for just $119. This includes the GNT-T, BHS-W4, a couple basic lexicons (Thayer/BDB Abridged), and your choice of 1 Bible unlock ($30 value). Then you could add-on the LXX or a better lexicon.

    Starting with a small package like this gives you room to invest in a better lexicon, like BDAG, or HALOT, which you can purchase as a Bundle for $249 (less 10% discount for students/profs/clergy).

    Note also that you are not penalized for starting small. If you decide to upgrade your package later, you just pay the difference for the next level.

    With so many modules to choose from it can definitely be a bit overwhelming in deciding what to purchase. I’d recommend checking out the comparison charts to see what best level meets your needs.

    Also, I strongly encourage calling our sales staff who are very laid back and never recommend anything you don’t need. If you would like to see what others have to say, post a question on our user forum where you’re sure to get a response from users all over the world.

    Thanks again for supporting Accordance!

    Accordance Development

  2. I did something similar when I started using Accordance in 1998. I bought those exact modules that I needed, but as I enlarged my library of tools, I found that the packages offered the best value. If you’re working with both Hebrew and Greek, the introductory scholars package is a good combination since you get both the UBS/NA Greek NT and the BHS as well as some basic lexicons. Right now, that package is only $119 on sale.

  3. Wayne

    Great tip Rick.
    For $119 that makes a good difference! I might ammend my post!
    Also it’s great that one Free English Bible has been included into the Starter packages – has that always been there?

  4. Wayne,

    The Scholar’s Intro has included 1 Bible unlock at least since version 7, not sure if it was before that.

    Glad I could help. :-)

  5. Thanks Rick, I’ve amended the article to include your information.

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