Oct 09

I have written this little AppleScript Quick Action that can paste bible verses from Accordance into any application without having to leave that application. From any application (eg Mail, Microsoft Word, Page etc) simply hit Command-7 and you will get this dialog box:

Paste Verses

Enter in the verses you want, press OK (or hit return) and the verses will appear automatically, pasted into the document where your cursor was. Read on to download the installer.

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Mar 18

Like any other area of interest on the iPhone, when it comes to the Bible there are thousands of applications out there but the new kid on the block the ‘ESV Bible‘ is easily the best and here’s why… Continue reading ⟩

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Nov 30

Buying Accordance can be a bit confusing as there are so many options. Here’s my tips. Continue reading ⟩

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Nov 30

The best Bible Software for Macintosh in the original Languages is Accordance, it will set you back about US$200.

A cheap good version just to read, do searches in, and paste into your wordprocessing documents is Online Bible.  It’s free but to get the NIV, NASB etc it will set you back US$80 to get the CD.

Here is a good overview of verse pasting software for mac.

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