A great password manager

I’ve been using 1Password for about 3 years now,  it’s great. A password manager remembers all your web login usernames and passwords on every blog and website you visit. It can generate a random password for you, giving you a different password for every site you need to login to.

It’s like a clever version of the built in keychain. It’s $59 – so might be prudent to wait till it’s in some kind of bundle deal, but I have over 400 passwords stored in my 1Password – that’s a lot easier than writing them all down on post-it notes, and a lot safer than using the same password for all my logins which is what I used to do.

Even if you don’t use 1Password, you should use a different password for every site you visit. If you enter a password for Bob’s blog, you don’t want Bob to have access to the password you use for your bank accounts, which is what can happen if you use the same password for different sites.

It now has an iPhone app so all your passwords can be with you everywhere.


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  1. There are lots of password managers on the market, many of them still free. I’d love for you to try our product, Passpack, which is a free product that will always remain completely free, no need to sign up for another product as well.

    Passpack is online, so your passwords follow you wherever you go, and is a favorite of PC Magazine, Mashable, Webware, lifehacker and we were recently featured on CNN. Again, its completely free, so give it a whirl!


    1. Um, it’s not completely free any more!

  2. Great program!

    I had trouble at first with “captcha” phrases.
    i.e. when it says “type the letters above in this box”.

    Then I found that if I opened 1Password I could change the “submit” option to “never”. Now when I go to that site in my browser it fills in all the details but does not submit it automatically.

    The Command \ shortcut is great too!

  3. Paul

    Just passing on that 1Password is half price at the moment… November2011

    1. $25 that’s very good!

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