Best bluetooth car kit for iPhone


In this article I reviewed 3 bluetooth headsets for audio quality:  the Motorola Roadster Pro, the Parrot Neo HD and the Jabra Freeway. I didn’t like any of them. They sounded fine to the driver of the car but the driver’s voice sounded bad to the person on the other end of the phone.

Since then I have been trying them on the road and it’s been a little different.

In real life there is a clear winner: the Motorola Roadster Pro.

I’ve made a little video so you can see how good it sounds!

[youtube ]



8 responses to “Best bluetooth car kit for iPhone”

  1. Tim Wilson

    I liked your review of the Motorola roadster pro. Could you please tell me where you bought it and its cost?
    Tim Wilson.

    1. Are you the Tim Wilson I know?
      I got it off ebay.
      They are in USA but it arrived here pretty quickly.

  2. Malcolm

    Good video review. Thanks. Is it possible to use it with your Mac and Dragon?

    1. Interesting, I hadn’t thought of using it with Dragon. I just gave it a go, it pairs to OS X, you can see it in the input menu under system preferences as a Bluetooth audio input, but Dragon refuses to recognise it as a microphone for some reason. So no, it doesn’t seem to work with Dragon.

      1. Malcolm

        Thanks for checking that out. I’d love a bluetooth headset I could use in the office and take in the car. Never mind.

  3. Jerome

    Thanks for doing this review – very helpful.

  4. Cool gadget..Exactly what I am searching. Thanks for this review very helpful for me.

  5. Tim Roberts

    This is really fantastic. It can solve the problem of people who always worried about picking up the best bluetooth car kit for IPhone. This review is really helpful for me. Thanks

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