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Last week I was down in our local JB hi-fi buying a small sound system for my son’s 18th birthday.  I wanted something that would look good, sound good, and last okay into the future. The stand out for me were these Marley Get Together speakers. I first noticed them at a friend’s house.  If you are after a good looking and good sounding small speaker to give someone for Christmas around the $200 mark, I’d recommend these. Also works very nicely with a Macbook or Macbook air.

They have bluetoooth as well as a 3/5mm stereo aux in.  And they were reduced from $279 to $178 which made the decision pretty easy.

Here’s an article on how to connect a bluetooth speaker to your Apple computer.

There is a smaller ‘Get Together Mini’ which sounded OK on it’s own, with deeper bass than the Get Together, but not as clear in it’s overall sound.  I decided to go for the clearer overall sound rather than the deeper bass. Thankfully, when I got the Get Together home it sounded much better than in the shop. There is a port on the back and in the shop the bass simply gets lost. Take it home and sit it in front of a wall and it’s a completely different story.

The mini has stronger bass due to the subwoofer on the back, but the overall sound is not as crisp.


I also tried the Bose Soundlink II. Slightly better sound than the Get Together but not $120 better and it looked ugly. I also had a play round with the Marshall bluetooth speakers, incredible clarity of sound, but at $700, not in my price range.

There’s a fantastic review of the Marley Get Together with some great photos here at the gadgeteer.



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  1. Wayne

    I forgot to mention it also has a USB port on the back so you can charge your iPhone from it. You can even use it to charge your iPhone when the Marley is not plugged in to power.

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