Notational Velocity sync is broken!

Notational Velocity is my favourite note taking app for little bits of information you’d like to save anywhere then be able to recall later.

Notational Velocity sync broke in October 2018 when the sync engine they relied on (Simplenote) changed the domain of their notes server. Over at GitHub there’s been a fix, but it hasn’t been distributed yet.

In the meantime, if you love Notational Velocity and can’t live without it, you can use NVAlt which is basically the same program but it’s been updated so not as to have the problem. It even uses exactly the same database.

You can download NVAlt from here:


8 responses to “Notational Velocity sync is broken!”

  1. Ale

    This is bad. nvALT is a viable alternative, but am I the only one experiencing undo issues with it?

    1. guys.
      how do you resolve 6 months of note sync discrepancies between my phone iOS and my laptops OS x.
      this is like a nightmare to untangle isn’t it?!

    2. teckwyn

      Yes, @Ale, it seems to be that the nvALT undo period only lasts for a few seconds. This must have something to do with the sync frequency.

  2. tb

    This is bad – I only realized it wasn’t sycning when my mac crashed and I opened it on my phone. is there a way to transfer all my notes to another app?

    1. Yes you can export to plain text files.

  3. Esteban

    I just upgraded from El Capitan to Mojabe, and nvALT won’t sink with SimpleNotes because it doesn’t recognize my password on the encrypted notes. It opens the app on my mac but it doesn’t sink, I get the little grey triangle on the top-right. I have to open Preferences and type my password for SimpleNotes again, and then it works ok. But it forgets as soon as I quit. Any ideas?

  4. itasara

    My husband’s mac air needed repair. Apple installed new big sur system. He has been sing notational velocity for years as have I. now it was gone so he reinstalled it and it says apple will not recognize it. We went to system preferences/privacy and security/accessibility and added NV to allow the program to control the computer. Well, it still does not work. I won’t upgrade from mohave for that reason. shouldn’t this program work on big sur also? is there away to get around this? very frustrating indeed.

    1. I am using NValt on Big Sur.

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