Make your own keyboard shortcuts


Here’s how to customise your own Keyboard shortcuts for any OSX application menus.

One feature I use a lot in Apple Mail is ‘export to pdf.’

But the export to pdf has no keyboard shortcut, as you can see here:

Export to PDF


I want to add a keyboard shortcut.

You can do this for any Menu in any OSX application.

Here’s how:

1. Go to System Preferences, select ‘Keyboard’.

2.  Select the ‘Shortcuts’ tab (see below) and then ‘App Shortcuts’ from the left box. Then press the + button to add a shortcut.

add a shortcut


3. Select the application you’d like to do the shortcut for (I’ve selected ‘Mail’)

Add a shortcut to mail

Type the exact menu title. (Here it’s ‘Export as PDF…’).  You need to type it exactly.

Select the keyboard shortcut you’d like to use, here I select Apple-E.

Press ‘Add’ to add the shortcut!


The new keyboard shortcut will now appear in the drop down menu like this:


Now when I press Apple-E my email will be exported as a pdf. You can use this shortcut anytime  the application is open.


One response to “Make your own keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Stephen

    Since upgrading to Mavericks, I cannot seem to get keyboard shortcuts to work for submenu, i.e., nested, items. Have tried item > subitem, item -> subitem, item: subitem, etc., to no avail. Any ideas? TY.

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