Make your own keyboard shortcuts

Here’s how to customise your own Keyboard shortcuts for any OSX application menus.

One feature I use a lot in Apple Mail is ‘export to pdf.’

But the export to pdf has no keyboard shortcut, as you can see here:


I want to add a keyboard shortcut.

You can do this for any Menu in any OSX application.

Here’s how:

1. Go to System Preferences, select ‘Keyboard’.

2.  Select the ‘Shortcuts’ tab (see below) and then ‘App Shortcuts’ from the left box. Then press the + button to add a shortcut.


3. Select the application you’d like to do the shortcut for (I’ve selected ‘Mail’)

Type the exact menu title. (Here it’s ‘Export as PDF…’).  You need to type it exactly.

Select the keyboard shortcut you’d like to use, here I select Apple-E.

Press ‘Add’ to add the shortcut!


The new keyboard shortcut will now appear in the drop down menu like this:

Now when I press Apple-E my email will be exported as a pdf. You can use this shortcut anytime  the application is open.


One response to “Make your own keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Stephen

    Since upgrading to Mavericks, I cannot seem to get keyboard shortcuts to work for submenu, i.e., nested, items. Have tried item > subitem, item -> subitem, item: subitem, etc., to no avail. Any ideas? TY.

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