How to login to Google without a Password

Google have recently enabled ‘passkey’ access to their accounts. This means you can sign into Google directly using your Touch ID from your Apple computer or device. Here’s how to set up passkey access to your Google account. This is a handy piece of integration between Google and Apple who don’t usually play nicely together!

Step 1. Make sure it’s turned on for your Google Account.

Passwordless Login

“Passwordless Login’ is a beta feature for Google accounts that needs to be tuend on from the Admin Console.

Skip Password

Next go to your own personal Google Account and under ‘Security’ and turn on the option that says ‘Slip Password when possible.’

Setup a passkey

Click on ‘Passkeys and Security keys’ then ‘Create a Passkey’.

You will be prompted to use your Apple Touch ID. Is this step a passkey will be created so that you can use your Apple Touch ID to log into Google directly without needing a password.



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