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In Apple Contacts you can drag any contact into a group to add them to that group. Sometimes dragging the contact into a group does not work. The way to fix this is to quit Apple Contacts and re-open it and the problem should be resolved.

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  1. Doug says:

    This worked a couple of times, but the problem continues, and now no matter how many times I close and reopen, I cannot drag my contacts in a group. I should not have to close and reopen over and over. Somethings totally wrong with this program, MAC please fix it!

  2. Carol says:

    Quitting and reopening does not work for me and hasn’t for a long time. Big Sur 11.7.3. My way around it is to go to the contact on my iPhone and at the very bottom of the contact card is ‘INCLUDED IN LISTS’ and you can add the card to a list (aka group).

  3. Jane Harris says:

    This is also happening to me and I am going crazy. Something has happened to this program. Help!

  4. All the problems above keep happening. It is also possible for one person to be added to list twice! Hugely frustrating as this drag and drop has worked for decades. Now it usually does not.

  5. Marie-France says:

    I hope this will be fixed soon. Distribution lists are taking forever to compile when you have to quit Contacts because it does allow you to drag in the distribution list. It is especially frustrating since my distribution list when I got a new laptop and the migration of the data lost all of my distribution lists…

  6. Frank Ricchi says:

    I have the same problem on my MacBook Air. Dragging and dropping contacts to a list and renaming contacts is extremely inconsistent. Occasionally it works. More often than not it does. Shutting down and restarting is only useful for a very few drag and drops or renames. This is no way to be productive if you have to go through ten time-consuming steps when you cshould just drag and drop. It’s not a user fix. Apple should investigate do an update to correct this problem.

  7. Bruce Grossetta says:

    Same problem. Very frustrating. Apple: FIX IT!!!!

  8. Lois Aitken says:

    Same issue on my MacBook Air
    Unbelievable that apple has not addressed it after all the complaints ?

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