Apple mail stuck on “Generating Content to Print”

There seems to be a long-standing bug with Apple mail that when you go to print an email message you can get stuck on a window that says “Generating content to print”.

This was fixed on my computer by unselecting the ‘Load remote content in messages’ option under Mail: Preferences: Viewing.

Generating content to print


For some reason Apple mail doesn’t seem to be able to print images properly that are loaded from a remote server.


25 responses to “Apple mail stuck on “Generating Content to Print””

  1. Yuri

    Thank you!

  2. Jim

    That’s hardly a solution if you actually need to print the remote content. Hard to believe that something as simple as an email with remote images would cause Mail to break. I eventually got around it by using a webmail interface to print my mail, but that’s a sucky solution.

  3. Sharon DiSpirito

    THANK YOU!!!

  4. Mark

    This worked for me. Thanks.

    1. Lisa Linn

      I don’t have anything that says “load remote content”? I only have the display unread messages with bold font and use smart addresses. Any other ideas? Thanks

      1. Luis

        Neither do I.

  5. Joe

    That worked. Thanks.

  6. Nan

    Thank you!!!!

  7. Susan

    THANK YOU!!!!

  8. Vincent

    Worked. Thanks

  9. Suzanne

    Unselecting that box Worked for me too!

  10. Strawdon

    Works! Would never have found it myself!

  11. Norm

    Thanks! Worked for me too. Remarkable that still in 2021 this is a problem. They can fly a chopper on Mars, but Apple gets hung up on this… ¯\_(?)_/¯

  12. susan

    2 years of cursing, damning and anger.
    I’ll never be forgiven.
    But it is now pure bliss.Thank you.

  13. Charl

    I bought a MacBook Pro in 2019. Never had this problem until last week, now I can’t print any emails from Gmail unless I deselect Load remote images. I have had Macs since 2012 and this is the very first time this has ever happened. When I google this I realise it’s a long standing problem. There has to be another solution other than having to print emails with no remote images. This deletes half the email. I am trying to print a receipt and the Company’s logo is included in the remote images. Really doesn’t help.

    1. Charly

      Correction, I’ve had Macs since 2007 (iMacs and MacBook Pros), never had this problem before.

  14. Muriel Harvey

    Me Too! I have had Macs forever, but this new update SUCKS!

  15. Dorelle

    Yeay, I never would have found this intuitively, but what a relief, it worked.
    Thank you

  16. William

    Thanks, this worked. What I found was that after turning off the “Load remote content…” selection and printing an email (which then lacked the images), I was able to turn that selection on again, and print the same message just fine, images included.

    So try just turning the “Load remote content..” off, then on!

    1. BSquared

      Turning it off worked as described. Turning it back on again, I was able to print the document (a Costco rewards certificate), but it took quite a long time for the “Generating content to print…” to bring up the print dialog, and although I could save the image as a PDF, I had to hit “cancel” in the “Generating content to print…” window after saving, in order to get back to mail. Strange bug; not surprising it’s still around, given this odd behavior.

  17. Steve

    Ha, This worked for me too. One of the simplest fixes I’ve seen in a while! Thanks!

  18. Leonie

    Jusy started happening for me too. Turning off then on again as William said did not work for me. Not happy – surely something can be done to fix this problem. Everything has worked fine for years. In fact, I’m a Mac user from way back in the Apple 11e days.

  19. Debbie Kotchorek

    Our Mac does not have the
    Load remote content in messages

    Any other ideas

  20. Joan

    The solution listed no longer exists as an option.

  21. David Hieber

    Working on MacOS Catalina, worked great for me. Never had an issue trying to print until one day it just hung on that screen. But we have a firewall that was probably blocking whatever it was tryign to download. Many thanks!

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