How to add items to or remove items from the PDF print menu in OS X

When you go to print something from your Macintosh computer OS X gives you a ‘PDF’ option in the bottom left corner of the print window. This option creates a PDF of the document that you are trying to print and then sends that PDF file somewhere.

  • If you select “Open in Preview” it will open the newly created PDF document in Apple’s preview app.
  • If you select “Save as PDF” it will allow you to save the document somewhere.
  • If you select “Send in Mail” It will create a PDF of the printed document, open a new mail message and attached the PDF to that mail message.

This is a really handy feature but what you may not know is that you can add or remove items to this PDF menu.

To add something to the PDF menu find the “Library/PDF Services” folder and then drag an alias (Command-Option-drag) of any application into this folder. That application will now appear in the PDF menu and the PDF file will be sent to that application when it is created. You can even create custom automator actions if you want.

To remove an item from the PDF menu simply remove it from the”Library/PDF Services” folder.

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Is there any way to control the order in which these items appear? I have some in Library > PDF Services which don’t seem to sort in any logical way, and some in my User > Library > PDF Services folder, which do sort alphabetically. Any idea how to make the any-user PDF services show up in a particular order?

Josh, the entries are alphabetically sorted. You could use a letter, or a number to get the order you want.

However, I believe that some of the “Save PDF” links get filtered to the top, no matter what. For example: “Save to Web Receipt,” “Save to iCloud,” “send in Messenger,” etc…

Hey Mark,

I have met a new problem. I have deleted the PDF service file and the print page still have the menus-send in mail, send to icloud, send in messenger ect. Do you have any ideas?


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