How to merge 2 pdf files in OS X 10.14 Mojave


In OS X Apple have again changed the way that 2 pdf files merge in the free OSX Preview App. To Merge 2 pdf files in OS X Mojave you need to drag the thumbnails of one pdf file into the thumbnail view of the second pdf file. You can’t drag a pdf file directly from the desktop into the new thumbnail window or the files will not merge.

Step 1. Open the first pdf file in Preview and select ‘View Thumbnails’

Open the first pdf file and select ‘View Thumbnails’ from the top menu.

Step 2. Open the second pdf file in Preview and select ‘View Thumbnails’

Open the second pdf file as well.

Step 3. Drag the thumbnail that you want to merge from one pdf to the other.

The green ‘plus’ sign shows you that the second pdf page will merge with the first file.

4. Save the new merged pdf.

Note: Do not drag a pdf file directly into another pdf file, it will not work.

You can use the menu item ‘Edit – Insert – Page From File’ to insert an entire pdf file.

Here there is no green plus sign so the 2 files will not merge. This is because I ma dragging directly from the desktop. You can only drag from a thumbnail. This is new in Mojave. In all previous versions of OS X you could drag directly from the desktop.


4 responses to “How to merge 2 pdf files in OS X 10.14 Mojave”

  1. Kyle Miller

    Didn’t work.

    1. Every version of OSX does this differently, so make sure you are reading the right article. This article is for OSX – Mojave.

  2. Jinson K V

    If you have Word installed on your Mac, then you can do it easily. Just open both pdf file inside MS word and Save it as .pdf extension. Alternatively, there are many only services available for free. You can also make use of them. Personally, I use online service because I occasionally need to merge pdf files and I hate installing third-party software for simple reasons.

  3. Vlad P

    Mac OSX-Mojave here. It does not allow me to save the merged pdfs. I have tried saving and exporting. However, once I close the merged pdf, there is no merged version saved anywhere. All pdfs revert back to their original, singular format. Please help.

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