How to merge 2 pdf docs in Ventura

Here’s how to merge 2 PDF files in MacOS Ventura. You don’t need any extra software, it’s built right in to Preview as in previous versions of macOS.

Open the first PDF file in Preview

If you double click on any pdf file it should open in Preview automatically. It’s possible that you’ve installed Acrobat Reader and made it the default application instead. If this is the case, you’ll need to open Preview manually.

With the first PDF file open in Preview, click on the “View” menu and select “Thumbnails” to open the thumbnail view of the pages. This will enable you to see a small preview of each page on the left.

You can see the ‘Thumbnail view’ on the left.

Open the second PDF file

Open the second pdf file in a separate window. Make sure you can see the thumbnails of this pdf file also.

Merge the PDF files

To merge the PDF files, you need to drag the any thumbnails from the second PDF file onto the thumbnail view of the first PDF file.

Click on any thumbnail, and while you keep the mouse button pressed, drag the PDF over to the thumbnail view of the first window, then release the mouse button. The page from the second PDF file will be inserted into first PDF file.

If you need to merge more than two PDF files, you can drag multiple pages in.

Notice the green circle with a ‘+’ sign as you drag the new pdf page onto the thumbnail view.

Step 5: Save the merged PDF file

Once you have merged the PDF files, you need to save the file. Click on the “File” menu, and select “Save”

NOTE: This will save the merged PDF file into the original file.

If you want to save it as a new file, you can do so by selecting “Save As” instead of “Save” from the “File” Menu.


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