How to open a Microsoft publisher file on your Macintosh


Microsoft publisher has been around for a long time but  it has never been able to run on Apple computers.   If you’re like me you  probably have friends who have Microsoft publisher files they occasionally email you. Sadly there is no way to open  a Microsoft publisher file on a Mac, until now…

Here are two websites that can convert Microsoft publisher files to PDF.

You can then open, read and print the pdf file on your Mac. You can even edit them.

I have tested both of these conversion sites and they both work pretty well.  They are both free.

Site one is easier, to use, just read the instructions below, but I’ve included two sites just in case one of them goes down or doesn’t work for you.


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  1. thanks, it worked but are there any alternatives for it ?

    1. Super – cheers for the post. Got me out of a pickle…!

  2. Diana

    Worked perfectly–thank you.

  3. Shana Gilley

    Worked great! THANK YOU!

  4. Sue

    Oh many thanks!! I was pulling my hair!

  5. Adrian

    Brilliant. Worked a dream. Many thanks.

  6. Peter

    Thank you, worked a treat

  7. Leslie

    this was incredibly helpful. Thank you!!

  8. Athina

    I want to convert a Publisher file to read on my Mac. Of the two sites you recommend:
    1 – and
    2 –

    the 1st site has a size limit – the second site appears to have converted the doc successfully but I have no way to access the pdf. It says they store it on their website securely for 6 hours before deleting – but there is no link that I can find to actually access the converted pdf.

    Suggestions please?

    1. After a few seconds or a few minutes (depending on how big the publisher file is) a big orange box will appear that says ‘Free Download’. Click on that box.

  9. Shiya

    I used the website and it was quick and easy. Thank you so much for making a frustrating thing so easy. I make things in publisher at home and sometimes forget to convert them before I send them to myself at home. This will be a well used tip.

  10. Barbara

    Thank you!!

  11. Barbara G

    Great. I used the and it worked quickly and easily! Whew. Thanks a lot!

  12. Roberto

    Worked perfectly!!!, thnx. so much, save my day.


  13. Thank you very much for the help. Once in a while, a Windows user sends me a file that I can’t open. A quick Google search brought me to . Now, if I could just get those pesky Windows users to come over to the Light side (MacOS).

  14. Bruce

    Worked like a charm. Thank you.

  15. kathi

    Is there a way to edit the converted pdf file once it has been converted??? I used online2pdf and it worked really well and I can open the file. I just cannot seem to edit it. Thanks

    1. No really. pdf is not designed to be edited. It’s more for publishing your final document. You can do some limited editing.

  16. Juan Gonzalez

    IT Worked!!! Thanks a lot… This was a very important paper from my manager and I didn’t want to just send it back saying I was not able to see what she was sending me.
    Thanks a lot..

  17. Angela Wood

    Thanks so much, this was very helpful.

  18. jemmie

    I came across this site,, it convert a lot of formats, including publisher, and convert it to editable formats like docx or rtf

    1. Mindy

      THANK YOU for posting the link! That did the trick for me! I was able to take a .Pub document and open it in word where I could tweak it! I had a huge deadline and felt hopeless until I found your post. You seriously saved my bacon! That site is excellent. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    2. Cindy

      This was perfect, thank you so much for sharing this link!! Created an editable word doc, which I could swipe elements from into pages and recreate the document. excellent!!

  19. Rob Smith

    Really a amazing post ,Very Helpful.

    1. Nits Mills

      It works! Thank you very much!

  20. Jen

    It works! Thank you very much, huge help!

  21. Dee Dee

    Worked perfect! Thank you.

  22. Beth

    Thank you!!! Was so fast- I tried another one first via google and it wanted all kinds of permissions! Glad I backed out and continued search to get your quick and easy fix!

  23. Anonymous

    I used the first site but I am not sure how to edit it…

    1. It’s impossible to edit a Microsoft publisher file on a Mac.
      This really only allows you to view the file.
      If you have an application like Illustrator or indesign you might be able to edit the PDF file directly. I have a separate article on how to edit a PDF file if you search for it on this site.

  24. Shelly

    Thank you!! Life saver

  25. Mary P

    Thanks so much. worked like a charm

  26. Andrew P

    Absolutely brilliant. The publisherto pdf one worked in seconds and converted brilliantly, I can now use it as-is. When the conversion had been done there is a red button, and it is not obvious to click on that to get the file. Fortunately I had read the comments, and knew what to do. It then puts the pdf in your downloads folder.

  27. Thank you for this post! The publishto pdf site works perfectly! Saved me a lot of hassle and time!

  28. Cindy

    Perfect, thank you!!

  29. Himanshu

    It worked very smoothly. Thanks.

  30. Jessica

    Thanks so much!

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