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I was in a rush to do some graphic design last week and I went searching for pre-made design templates for Pages. The last time I did this it was a waste of time – the ‘professional’ templates were, well, my kids could do a better job. This time though I found some stunning templates.

Firstly let me say I am not affiliated with these guys at all. Secondly let me say these templates are awesome! And while it costs $25, it’s cheap compared to paying your own graphic designer.

This collection from a mob called ‘Graphic Node’ is called ‘Templates for Pages’ and it’s available from the App Store. It was at version 3.1 when I downloaded it.

The pack is 3 Gigabytes (yes 3 GB!) and took about an hour to download, but that 3GB contains over 1400 templates of all kinds – books covers, invitations, flyers, cards etc. And they all look stunning.

The app opens up a window and you get a scrollable window where you can browse all the designs. You can search but the search was next to useless as it only searched the titles and her were not very descriptive.  Browsing on the other hand was a nice experience. You click the template you like and it opens it in Pages.

Here are some examples:

design1  design2  design3

Click here to go to their website:

The purchase link on the website takes you to the Apple App store where the bundle costs $24.95.  I found a link here where it was half price ($12.50). That special seems to be over now but it might be worth checking from time to time: mac update special.



4 responses to “How to get awesome templates for Pages documents”

  1. The promotional link doesn’t seem to be working anymore?

    It’s currently selling at $24.99?

    1. It works now. I can see the discounted price at $11.99. Grab it fast before it’s back to the normal price.

      1. Do you think the price still available after 2 years?

  2. jasa seo

    I can see the discounted price at $11.99.

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