How to make a Family Feud game in Keynote


I wanted a ‘family feud’ style gameshow in keynote, but it was a bit complicated trying to make the right answer appear. I found the best way to do it was to have 25 slides with the different possible combinations of hidden/shown answers, then a heap of hyperlinks between various slides depending on what answer was picked. It worked out well. I’ve updated the files for Keynote 6.

The text for the questions and answers is on the master slide. To change the answers, edit the master slide. To do this select ‘Edit Master Slide’ and edit the text fields that have the answers. Be careful not to move any fields around, just edit the text in them.

To play the game, start the slideshow at slide number 1.

If there is a corrrect answer guessed, click on the appropriate box to reveal that answer – complete with sound effects! For a wrong answer, click anywhere on the background.

Here is a link to the keynote templates – there are two versions:

Version 1

This is a very big version that takes longer to load but has all the sound effects in it.

Family Feud for Keynote 6

Older version for Keynote 4


Version 2 – simplified version.

This is a simplified version that needs the ‘wrong guess’ sound effect to be played from an ipod but it is much faster to load. The slides are also rearranged so  you can control it manually by pressing the number keys instead of using a mouse. (e.g. ‘1’ reveals answer 1′, ’12’ reveals answer 1 and 2, ’21’ reveals all except for 1 and 2 and so on.

NOTE – for this version you need to start on slide 6.

Family Feud for Keynote 6

Older Version for Keynote 4


Here are the rules from wikipedia:

Let me know how it goes!

Here’s a goot tip from Stacey:

Thank you so much for your work! This is awesome – perfect as a review game for my students. But, I was able to make more questions on the same presentation rather than saving a bunch of files. I just copied the two master slides (“Sound” and “No sound”) and renamed them (“Question 2 Sound” and “Question 2 No Sound”). Then I typed in my second question on the two new master sides. Next, I copy/pasted the sequence of 34 possible answer slides and reapplied the “Question 2 Sound” and “Question 2 No Sound” to the appropriate slides. I ended up making about 25 different questions in one file. Thanks again!


92 responses to “How to make a Family Feud game in Keynote”

  1. Chris

    I’ve used (and enjoyed!) this presentation a couple of times. Great work. During my most recent use I spent a little time polishing up the graphics and sounds. I’d be happy to send/upload the file to the site for sharing if you can provide me with some directions on doing so.

    1. Tammy

      I would love it thanks

  2. JJ

    Im excited to use this game but still having problems merging into 1 file. Even with copying and pasting, the slides won’t remap and it just reverts to the first master slides. I’ve tried to add the new pages to the go to buttons to redirect the mapping myself but it doesn’t save that way. I’m clearly doing something wrong. Thank you for the program and any help anyone can give me. Also Chris I would love to see the polished graphics if possible. I want to present the game on a bigger screen so that would help. Thanks again.

  3. Tammy

    I am very visual, do you have a youtube tutorial on how to do this? or some other visual instructions. Thanks!

  4. Anthony

    Works great, thanks for making this! To make multiple questions: I copied the 2 master slides (sound and no sound) to make second versions of then (new question). Then copied the slides (not the intro slides). I then associated the 1st copied slide to the new question by setting the master slide to the version 2 of the “no sound” master slide. Then all other slides of question 2 can be associated to the “sound” master slide copy (version 2). Voila!

  5. Ron

    Anyone got help? I cannot seem to edit the Master Slide, so I can’t edit the question at all. It’s greyed out. Trying for version 1.

    Version 2 seems to work, but not as nice to play…

    Thanks you!

  6. LadyM

    I downloaded it. It’s really great, however, how do you write the questions without changing the master slide and thus all the slides. I have about 8 families playing and I want to enter all the questions and points ahead of time. HELP!

    1. I used it by having a different slideshow for each question.

      But see the comment by Stacy for how to make multiple questions in 1 slideshow.

  7. fer

    I just don’t know hot to edit. I’ve gone through all the tools in Keynote, and haven’t been able to. It says to go to “edite master slide”, but I did not find that option anywhere. :(

  8. fer

    I just don’t know hot to edit. I’ve gone through all the tools in Keynote, and haven’t been able to. It says to go to “edite master slide”, but I did not find that option anywhere. :(


  9. Norma

    How do I put the answers in and hide them when playing?

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