How to make photos fill the screen in Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote has an option when you are importing a photo to “scale” it to fit to a slide. For some reason it will down-scale a larger picture to fit on a small slide but it won’t scale a small picture up. Here’s how to take a lot of photos and scale them all up […]

How to change the volume on your laptop without a beep sound effect

This Logitech remote has a volume adjustment button on the side. But if you change the volume the computer gives a loud ‘quack’ out the speakers, which in not good if you are in the middle of a presentation or a movie. Here is how to disable the volume change sound effect.

How to extract a movie or photo out of a Keynote presentation – updated for Sierra

There have been many times that I have been given a keynote file from someone, and I wanted to get a movie or picture out of it and save it as a separate file.  Here’s how to do it.

How to loop slides within a keynote presentation

This is a feature that is sorely missing in Apple keynote. The ability to create a loop within Keynote. For example you may want have a loop of 4-5 slides at the start of a presentation while people are waiting, and then start the presentation without having to exit and open a new presentation.  Or you may […]

How to setup a macbook air for church presentations

There are lots of different ways you can set up a computer and projector at your church but after 15 years playing around with various options here is the system we have ended up with at our church.  We want the words up the front for people to sing along to and we want the singers […]