How to change the volume on your laptop without a beep sound effect

This Logitech remote has a volume adjustment button on the side. But if you change the volume the computer gives a loud ‘quack’ out the speakers, which in not good if you are in the middle of a presentation or a movie. Here is how to disable the volume change sound effect.

Open System Preferences, and go to the preference pane called  ‘Sound’. Select the tab that says “Sound Effects”.

Untick the box that says ‘Play feedback when volume is changed’ to disable the volume up and down sound effects.

Untick the box that says ‘Play feedback when volume is changed’.

Now you can remotely change the volume level without that annoying sound effect.

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  2. I was totally unaware of this technology. The Logitech remote is the really nice device. I just want to have it. Thank you for this information.

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